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Apple Releases White iPhone on ATandT, Verizon Networks

After months of unexplained delays, Apple is finally releasing a white version of its iPhone. Read More >

BlackBerry Launches Mobile Conferencing App for Enterprise

BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing integrates with a BlackBerry smartphone's Calendar application and lets users set up, accept and participate in conference calls. Read More >

Google Android to Have 45% of Market by 2016

Google's Android platform will have a 45 percent market share by 2016, ABI Research said. Meanwhile, Windows Phone 7 will have a mere 7 percent share. Read More >

RIM PlayBook Pricing Revealed, Takes on Apple iPad

RIM has announced an April 19 release date for its PlayBook tablet, with pricing to range from $499-$699. Read More >

Majority of iPad 2 Buyers New to the iPad

Many of those who managed to nab one of the second-generation iPads in its first days on sale had not owned the first generation iPad, analyst firm Piper Jaffray found. Read More >

Microsoft's Billion-Dollar Nokia Deal

Microsoft is reportedly paying Nokia more than $1 billion to port Windows Phone 7 on its hardware. Data suggests the effect on the U.S. market could be negligible. Read More >

Android Overtakes iOS, RIM in Smartphone Market

Google's Android platform has almost 30% of the smartphone market through January, narrowly beating out its rivals, Nielsen finds. Read More >

iPad, iPhone Changing Role of IT

The old relationship of end-user to IT is being turned on its ear by the new generation of mobile devices. Read More >

RIM Makes Analytics Service Beta for BlackBerry Available to Developers

Research In Motion (RIM) has produced a beta release of the BlackBerry Analytics Service. Read More >

SideXSide: HP Pre3, iPhone 4 and BlackBerry Torch

What do these smartphones really offer the enterprise user? Here's a sideXside comparison of Apple iPhone 4, Apple, the HP Pre3, and RIM BlackBerry Torch to help you decide what's right for your enterprise. Read More >

Mobile & Wireless Slideshow: Mobile World Congress: 9 Hot Topics

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Feb. 14-17, 2011, has been one of the most product-packed and interesting events of the year so far. It has been home to major announcements, new product launches, and all kinds of interesting tidbits of information that will spark the fancy of many an enterprise user of mobile devices. As CIO, on the other hand, you probably have different... Read More >

Microsoft, Nokia Deal Needs Speed to Succeed: Analysts

Microsoft and Nokia need to speed the transition of Windows Phone 7 onto the latter's smartphones in order for their deal to succeed, according to analysts. Read More >

Microsoft Teams Up With Nokia on 'Global Mobile Ecosystem'

Nokia and Microsoft plan to form a "new global mobile ecosystem" that will include running Windows Phone 7 on Nokia smartphones. Read More >

Nokia's CEO Calls for 'Radical Change'

A document written by Nokia CEO Stephen Elop to employees describes a do-or-die scenario necessitating a "radical change in behavior." Read More >

Motorola Unveils $799 Xoom Tablet

Motorola's iPad challenger, the Xoom, will go on sale Feb. 24 at Best Buy for $799. Read More >

Analysts Say Samsung May Give Apple Some Real Competition

Apple may have paved the way for a brave new world in mobile devices, but Samsung is stepping up to give the company a run for its money. Read More >

RIM's BlackBerry Dakota Won't Run PlayBook OS: Report

The PlayBook tablet's OS isn't going to be making an appearance on RIM's BlackBerry Dakota, a new report says. Read More >

Verizon iPhone to Hit Stores Feb 10

Verizon Wireless announced that beginning Feb. 10, its customers will be able to buy the much-anticipated CDMA version of Apple's iPhone 4. Read More >

BlackBerry 4G PlayBook Due from Sprint

RIM has announced the BlackBerry 4G PlayBook, available exclusively to Sprint customers. From the looks of it, the PlayBook could be quite a success when it launches later this year. Read More >

SideXSide: Which Android Smartphone Is Best for Business?

Join us as we take a look at some of the more prominent Android OS smartphones on the market to find out if any of them are right for your enterprise. Read More >

Motorola Divides Into Two Companies

Motorola is now two companies, one focused on smartphones and tablets, and the other on enterprise solutions. Read More >

Rim Talks Up Its Playbook's Capabilities Before CES

Research In Motion is hoping its PlayBook makes a spalsh in the growing tablet market as it goes up against the iPad. Read More >

Android Tablets and Smartphones to Steal the Show at CES

Expect smartphones and tablet computers from Motorola, HTC and others out in force in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show this week. Read More >

Wall Street Journal Puts iPad, iPhone 4 on Top of List in 2010

Apple's iPad, iPhone 4 and the Samsung Galaxy S topped Walt Mossberg's 2010 gadget list, while last-place nods went to the Dell Streak, Google TV and TiVo Premiere. Read More >

Mobile & Wireless Slideshow: 10 Tech Toys That Mattered in 2010

Over the past year, you've been challenged to ramp up data security in an increasingly hostile environment, even as you attempt to determine which new products are worth allowing into your enterprise. Many of the most popular devices, such as the Apple iPhone 4 and Apple iPad, caught your attention for obvious reasons in 2010. But, the year also saw the introduction of a number of Android-based... Read More >

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