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Droid Outsells iPhone: Why CIOs Should Care

Gartner reports that worldwide sales of smartphones with the Android OS surpassed those of iPhones in 2Q 2010. Android also jolted RIM's BlackBerry OS from its longstanding No. 1 position in the U.S. See why this matters to your enterprise. Read More >

Mobile & Wireless Slideshow: BlackBerry Torch: 10 Fast Facts for CIOs

The BlackBerry Torch smartphone hit AT&T stores in the U.S. for $199 on August 12, 2010, the same day that Gartner revealed that sales of devices using Google's Android OS outpaced those of iPhone and even BlackBerry in 2Q 2010. Less than a week later, the Read More >

BlackBerry OS6 for Desktop

With the new BlackBerry Torch 9800 ready to hit the market August 12, Research In Motion has released BlackBerry Desktop Software 6 to make for easy syncing with other devices such as a PC. Read More >

BlackBerry Torch Offers New Tools for IT

Even though BlackBerry devices remain the darlings of enterprise mobility in North America, contenders such as iPhone and Droid have been making steady inroads, driven largely by worker demand to connect their personal devices to corporate email and business applications. With the introduction of the BlackBerry Torch 9800 and its new BlackBerry OS6, Research In Motion (RIM) made clear that it... Read More >

Mobile Device Battles Heat Up

RIM debuts BlackBerry Torch, Apple attacks Motorola's Droid, and Microsoft is coming out punching with a lineup of tablet computers ready to hit store shelves later this year. Find out what all this mobile action will mean for the CIO and your IT departments. Read More >

New Motorola Droid X Sells Out

The new Motorola Droid X, which became available July, is in scarce supply. And don't expect to walk into a Verizon store off the street and leave with one. Read More >

Nokia Siemens to Acquire Motorola Network Biz: Benefits Revealed

Any CIO considering a wireless network deployment or upgrade to 802.11n Wi-Fi will have a wider array of offerings from which to choose once Nokia Siemens completes its acquisition of Motorola's wireless network equipment business. Read More >

10 Famous Tech Flameouts

Will Apple's iPhone 4 antenna dilemma's give it a spot in the pantheon of spectacularly flawed products? The device continues to sell briskly even with an antenna that causes it to lose signal when gripped in a certain way. Solutions have ranged from rubber bumpers to duct tape, all of which belie the device's design elegance. Yet, the sales pace of the iPhone 4 to the fanaticism of Apple's... Read More >

Consumer Reports: With Accessory, iPhone Antenna Works

Consumer Reports has retested Apple's iPhone 4, adding a "bumper" case. The case solves the signal-strength problem. Apparently, so does a piece of duct tape. Read More >

Enterprise Technology Slideshow: 9 iPhone Apps Every CIO Must Have

Although Apple's iPhone 4 is experiencing antenna issues that could turn some enterprise customers away, the company's devices are host to some of the best smartphone applications available for CIOs. Currently, Apple offers more than 240,000 applications in its App Store. Many of these are games and other titles designed for consumers, but there are several that focus squarely on the enterprise... Read More >

BlackBerry Server Upgrades Offer IT Relief

Upgrades to Research In Motion's BlackBerry Enterprise Server are aimed at easing IT's burden when it comes to supporting individual-liable smartphones in the enterprise. New functionality also creates more self-service options for device users in the enterprise. Read More >

iPhone 4 Reception Woes: Apple Says Issue Is Software, Not Antenna

In a statement released by Apple, how the iPhone is held is not the issue, nor is it the design of the antenna; it's the software used to represent signal strength that is to blame. Read More >

Report: Verizon iPhone Coming in January

Verizon Wireless will begin selling an Apple iPhone in January, according to a recent report. See why CIOs should care. Read More >

iSuppli Estimates the iPhone 4 Costs $187.51 in Hardware

Each iPhone 4 that Apple makes is estimated to run Steve Jobs and company an estimated $187.51, research firm iSuppli reported June 28. Read More >

Kindle for Android App Released by Amazon announced the release of Kindle for Android June 28, porting its e-reader software to yet another family of devices. As competition in the e-reader space continues to heat up, finds itself pushing Kindle software and hardware updates in an effort to stay ahead of its ever-multiplying rivals. Read More >

Apple iPhone 4 Reception Problems a Lesson in Antenna Design

News Analysis: The iPhone 4 has a very good antenna design as long as you let it do its job. The antenna design demonstrates that the best antenna design from an engineering standpoint isn't necessarily the best design from a usability standpoint. Read More >

10 Motorola Droid X Features the iPhone 4 Should Have

The Motorola Droid X is ready to hit store shelves on July 15. And when it does, the device will be carrying the Android OS banner as Google's operating system tries to compete against Apple's iOS 4. It won't be easy. Read More >

10 Reasons for Delaying That iPhone 4 Purchase

There are some folks that weren't lucky enough to preorder an iPhone 4 on launch day, so they will be trying to pick one up at an Apple Store on June 24. In any case, the iPhone 4 is one of the most desired devices released so far this year. And the chances of the hype dying down anytime soon seem awfully slim. Read More >

10 Things to Consider Before Upgrading to iOS 4

Apple has officially launched iOS 4 to iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G S owners. Read More >

Lotus Notes Traveler Beta for Android Released

IBM June 17 released the beta version of its Lotus Notes Traveler for Android software, a free collaboration application for Lotus Notes customers who use a smartphone running Android 2.0 or later operating system. Read More >

600,000 Apple iPhone 4 Preorders Crashed System

Apple and AT&T found themselves hit by unexpected demand for the iPhone 4, which promptly sold 600,000 units after going on pre-order June 15. That effectively crashed both companies' ordering systems; reports circulated of AT&T employees were forced to jot customers' details on paper after store computers melted down, and visitors to both AT&T's and Apple's Websites encountered error messages. Read More >

New Motorola Droid Phone Coming June 23

Executives from Verizon, Motorola and Google will introduce a new Motorola Droid smartphone June 23, one day before Apple's hallowed iPhone 4 hits the streets. Read More >

Other Users' Accounts Visible During iPhone 4 Preorders

AT&T said it is investigating reports that customers were able to view other people's information when placing advance orders for Apple iPhone 4. Read More >

BlackBerry-Maker Said to be Testing Touchscreen Smartphone, Tablet

BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion may be joining the droves of manufacturers bringing tablet-style devices to market, following the success of the Apple iPad. Read More >

10 Things You Should Know Before Buying iPhone 4

With Apple's iPhone 4 just a few weeks away, it's time for consumers and enterprise customers to decide if the device is worth buying. Making that decision is getting more difficult. Years ago, the iPhone was the only "next-gen" smartphone on the market. Read More >

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