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iPhone, BlackBerry: Most Reliable Smartphones

The Apple iPhone 3GS is the smartphone least likely to fail, but Research In Motion's BlackBerrys are most likely to survive a drop, according to a survey on mobile phone reliability. Read More >

RIM BlackBerry PlayBook Price: Competitive With iPad

RIM's PlayBook tablet PC will cost less than $500, a price that makes it competitive with both the Apple iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Read More >

Apple, Android Sales Soar in Q3 2010

Android smartphones finished behind world leader Symbian in Q3 sales, while iPhone 4 sales launched Apple into third place, ahead of BlackBerry-maker RIM, reported Gartner. Read More >

PayPal: Mobile Payment in the Spotlight

At its annual Innovate developer conference, PayPal announced new mobile technologies for developers to deliver improved payment experiences for consumers on mobile devices. Read More >

Apple, HTC, BlackBerry Drive 2Q Smartphone Sales

Apple, HTC and BlackBerry-maker RIM are leading a smartphone market that is growing at an "extraordinary" pace, says ABI Research. However, this growth is unlikely to last. Read More >

Apple, Unisys: Enterprise Services Deal?

Apple and Unisys have reportedly signed an agreement that will see the latter support and maintain Apple products for corporations and governments. Read More >

Hot Topics: Tablets are Coming, Ozzie is Going

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is coming in November, Apple showed off Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, Ray Ozzie resigned from Microsoft and more hot tech topics. Read More >

Apple's Jobs, RIM's Balsille in War of Words

Apple CEO Steve Jobs attacked BlackBerry maker Research In Motion about its tablet plans earlier this week. Now, RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie decides to fire back. Read More >

BlackBerry PlayBook: a First Look

Research in Motion gave attendees at the Gartner Symposium/IT Expo 2010 a first look at its new 7-inch PlayBook tablet. Read More >

Apple's Steve Jobs Attacks Google, RIM During Earnings Call

Apple CEO Steve Jobs attacked Google and Research In Motion during Apple's earnings call for the fiscal 2010 fourth quarter. He also touted iPhone's inroads in the enterprise. Read More >

Mobile Phone: No.1 Gadget in U.S.

Cell phones, including feature-phones and smartphones, top the electronic gadget list in the U.S., followed by desktops and laptops, according to Pew. Look out for the rise of tablets. Read More >

Hot Topics: Mobile Devices, McAfee's Security Initiatives

From Apple’s iPad coming to Verizon to McAfee’s new security initiatives the past week has been filled with important developments. Read More >

Mobile & Wireless Slideshow: Enterprise iPhone, Android Smartphone Activations Accelerate

It wasn't long ago that most CIOs would scoff at a peer's decision to deploy the iPhone in their operations. The reasoning was that Apple's devices weren't designed with corporate users in mind. And, if increased productivity was central to a company's goals in the future, the iPhone and its virtual keyboard would only hurt the firm's chances of achieving its mission. How times have changed. A... Read More >

Workplace Slideshow: Forrester: Tech Generation Gap Grows

Those of you with kids in your lives will not be surprised by this: A recent study from Forrester Research reveals that the technology generation gap among Americans is growing. For its latest report, "The State Of Consumers And Technology Benchmark 2010," Forrester surveyed 43,000 American and Canadian adults by mail in 2Q 2010. Survey results were segmented by Gen Y (age 18 - 30), Gen X (age... Read More >

Windows Phone 7: Is Microsoft Abandoning the Enterprise?

While the enhanced Office Hub is attractive, many questions about IT management and integration with existing enterprise applications remain unanswered as Microsoft gets ready to offer its first Phone 7 devices in the U.S. in November. Read More >

Securing Your Mobile Enterprise

From mobile malwre to device management, enterprises need to have a plan for securing the BlackBerrys, iPhones and other devices connecting to their networks. Read More >

Android 2.2 Optimus Smartphones

The Android 2.2-running LG Optimus T and Optimus S are headed for T-Mobile and Sprint, respectively. Sprint is also introducing the ID Packs service that are designed to make it easy for enterprise IT to deploy customized mobile business applications. Read More >

Easing Wireless Helpdesk Nightmares

The critical need for corporate wireless help desk services to support thousands of mobile devices is placing a tremendous burden on the IT department. This can be detrimental for companies struggling to provide quality wireless help desk service internally, as they often lack enough personnel who are skilled in using advanced mobile device management and remote troubleshooting tools. Read More >

Mobile Apps for Systems Management

The convenience of being able to perform common systems management tasks by using a mobile device rather than a full-blown desktop is appealing to IT managers and staff alike. Whether your preferred device is a smartphone or a tablet, there is a bewildering array of tools out there competing for your screen as well as your wallet. Read More >

PlayBook Vs. iPad?

Research In Motion's PlayBook tablet faces an uphill battle against the Apple iPad and competitors such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab. However, RIM's tablet could have an advantages in a business context. Read More >

RIM's BlackPad Tablet

Research In Motion expects to build 2.5 million BlackPad tablets for the fourth quarter. Expect BlackPad for the enterprise, not as a rival to Apple iPad or Android tablets. Read More >

BlackPad, Twitter Security and Other Hot Topics

Security concerns, new product launches, changing market dynamics and rumors everywhere. Just a typical week for the CIO? Read More >

Intermec's Rugged Smartphone

Intermec's CS40 rugged handheld device has the look of a traditional smartphone, but is built for such places as warehouses and hospitals, where consumer devices don't hold up. Read More >

Nokia Chairman to Resign

Jorma Ollila, Nokia's chairman, says he will step down in 2012, giving way to even greater transformation for the cell phone maker as it struggles to right its course with a new CEO about to take the helm. Read More >

Workplace Slideshow: IT Unleashed: How Your Workers Influence Consumer Opinion

In some major enterprises, CIOs are working closely with their Chief Marketing Officers to make the most of their respective skill sets. But many may overlook an essential company asset to help them with this need: their own IT employees, according to Josh Bernoff and Ted Schadler, senior... Read More >

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