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Coming: Insurance Debit Cards That Reveal Health History

Patient ID cards from UnitedHealth can be used as debit cards for medical expenses as well as give doctors access to patients' medical information. Read More >

Airline Outrage: Do What With My Laptop?

Opinion: Readers express rage and frustration at possible laptop checking requirements. Read More >

No Surprises, No Disappointments for Apple

News Analysis: Analysts say the launches of Mac OS X Leopard and the Intel-based Mac Pro should be enough to maintain Apple's momentum in the fourth quarter. Read More >

Researchers Warn of Serious BlackBerry Vulnerability

Updated: Companies with BlackBerry communications servers installed behind their gateway security devices could be compromised when a security researcher releases new hack code for the wireless devices. Read More >

Can Mac OS X 'Leopard' Features Compete with Vista?

Opinion: Who will Apple target with its next version of Mac OS X? With details slim on what's coming in Leopard, the current match ups between Windows Vista and Mac OS X are centered on a short set of interface details. Read More >

Mac Faithful Anticipate Annual Apple Announcement

As Apple prepares for its Worldwide Developers Conference, ever-curious experts and consumers speculate on what the company has up its sleeve. Read More >

Analysts: Coupling of Mac and Intel Pays Off

While iPods take all the headlines, Intel-based Macs help Apple beat expectations in the third quarter. Read More >

New Mac OS Feature Raises Privacy Concerns

The latest update to the Mac OS sparks a privacy debate, as a feature meant to authenticate desktop widgets is believed by some to be phoning home to Apple. Read More >

Project Guide: Managing Mobile Device Security

From BaselineUntil the last year or so, the biggest worry about managing mobile devices was loss or breakage. Those days are gone—forever. With so much sensitive information now on portable devices, sec Read More >

Opinion: Larry Downes on What the Apple v. Apple Decision Means

The trademark case between Apple Corps and Apple Computer shows just how difficult—and dangerous—it is to try to predict the future of technology. Read More >

Global Experience Should Improve Domestic Performance

Opinion: Are you using your international experiences, and your people, to help rework your business processes at home? If not, you're missing out on some of the most useful lessons available to you. Read More >

Mobility Becomes a Strategic Goal, Not Just a Productivity Tool

Our survey found that advancing business processes, not personal productivity, is the most important business goal companies seek through mobile devices. CIOs can dramatically change the way their businesses operate, if they can pick technologies with tre Read More >

Tiny Chips & Lizard Brains

Besides all the megamergers and regulatory changes that have redefined the telecom business, the convergence of services, devices and networks also depends on smaller chips and smarter computers. Read More >

Hospitals Face Tricky Hardware Decisions

You think your choice of computers is tough? Try picking one that will survive doctors' rounds, patient infections, long hours on nurses' stations and a lot more risks than the sodas and coffee spills office users pose. Read More >

Apple Watchers Get Jobbed

I am a staunch defender of freedom of the press and the confidentiality of sources, but how does that balance with the right to protect intellectual property? Read More >

Mobile Medicine Breaks the Physician Barrier

After years of resisting computerization, physicians are finally taking up handhelds, but not for the reasons many in medical IT would prefer. Meanwhile, non-doctors automate everything from pill dispensing to patient identification. Read More >

Doctors Using Handhelds, But Not for Medicine

U.S. physicians are five times as likely as general consumers to use handheld computers, but they're mostly using them to keep track of appointments rather than to access electronic medical records. Read More >

Chicago Mercantile Exchange Enhances Handheld Trading

A software upgrade lets users of the exchange's Galax-C handheld devices trade options on futures for any options contracts currently listed on the exchange's electronic trading platform. Read More >

Come Together with a Mobile Strategy

Centralizing your mobility strategy is key to improving security, cutting costs and creating new business opportunities. Read More >

Eric Nee: The China Syndrome

As China emerges as the world's second-largest market for digital technologies, China's government and Chinese IT companies are minting new standards in an effort to keep profits at home. The impact on U.S. CIOs may be substantial. Read More >

Web Extra: Pal Mickey

Pal Mickey, Walt Disney World's interactive tour guide, is the first of Disney's smart toys. Reporter Debra D'Agostino met recently with Bruce Vaughn, vice president of research and development for Disney Imagineering, and Kyle Poor, product developer and Read More >

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