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Steve Jobs' Resignation Won't Dull Apple's Shine

The resignation of Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs is unlikely to diminish the company's power in the tech world, according to industry analysts. Read More >

RIM's New Curve Sports BlackBerry 7 OS

RIM will release three new Curve smartphones running its BlackBerry 7 OS. It s part of a larger BlackBerry refresh the company hopes will help it retain market share. Read More >

Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO, Replaced by Heir Apparent Tim Cook

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has been battling serious health problems for several years. In an Aug 24 letter to the Apple board, Jobs urged the company to name Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook as the company's new CEO. Read More >

Android Holds 52% U.S. Smartphone Share: NPD

Google's Android mobile operating system commanded 52 percent of U.S. smartphones sold for the second quarter, according to NPD Group. Motorola meanwhile is being acquired by Google. Read More >

RIM's PlayBook Still Alive Despite Tough Market Competition

RIM's PlayBook continues to hold onto the tablet market by its fingernails, despite the deaths of other high-profile rivals such as Hewlett-Packard's TouchPad. Read More >

T-Mobile's BlackBerry Bold 9900 Is Its First 4G BlackBerry

T-Mobile's upcoming BlackBerry Bold 9900 will be the carrier s first 4G-enabled BlackBerry. Read More >

After Google, Motorola Merger, Should Microsoft Buy Nokia or RIM?

Google's acquisition of Motorola could drive Microsoft to purchase Nokia or RIM, according to some analysts. Would that be a good idea? Read More >

Health Care IT Will Need to Support Diverse Mobile Devices: Report

Smartphones, tablets, push-to-talk and machine-to-machine mobile devices will all have a future in health care, according to a new report by Frost & Sullivan. Read More >

Nokia's Windows Phone Launch Will Mark End of Symbian Phone Sales in U.S.

Nokia reportedly plans to abandon Symbian smartphones and feature phones, doubling down on its Windows Phone bet. Read More >

Apple's iPhone 5, Android Ready to Rule 2012 Smartphone Market?

Nobody can predict the future with certainty, and it would be a fool's game to try and predict the various vendors precise market share a year from now. That being said, there s enough data floating around to make some (relatively) educated guesses about the state of the market come 2012. Read More >

RIM Reveals Line of New BlackBerry 7 Smartphones

RIM announced its new line of BlackBerry devices running BlackBerry 7 OS. Will these allow RIM to hold the line until 2012, when it releases its "superphones"? Read More >

Doctors Want to Use iPads, Smartphones to Access Pharmaceutical Data

Doctors have demonstrated an interest in accessing pharmaceutical drug marketing materials on smartphones and the Apple iPad, according to a Manhattan Research study. Read More >

iPhone, Samsung Android Knock Nokia from Top of Smartphone Market: ABI

Apple and Samsung knocked Nokia from the top smartphone perch in the second quarter, according to ABI Research. The rivals are expected to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S II and iPhone 5 this fall. Read More >

Samsung Sells 5M Galaxy S II Smartphones Ahead of U.S. Launch

Samsung said it has sold 5 million Galaxy S II devices in 85 days, a healthy pace for phones that have yet to hit the U.S. to challenge the forthcoming iPhone 5. Read More >

BlackBerry-Maker RIM Lays Off 2,000 Workers in Cost-Optimization Move

The company announced it is cutting 2,000 jobs, or 11 percent of its workforce, as part of a cost optimization program. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: 10 Reasons for CIOs to Like Apple's MacBook Air

On July 20, Apple released new versions of its MacBook Air. The computer, which is designed to be the ultra-mobile alternative to its current slate of notebooks, led by the uber-powerful MacBook Pro, comes with a host of features that consumers would love to have. But for enterprise users, the MacBook Air's appeal isn't so apparent. CIOs are admittedly suspect of deploying Macs to their... Read More >

Inside the MacBook Air: Teardown Shows Lack of Evoluation

Apple's MacBook Air might be shifting the company closer to its mobility-centric goals, but an iFixit teardown suggests much of the same hardware as its previous edition. Read More >

Despite Slipping Sales, Nokia CEO Elop Remains Optimistic

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop tried sounding a note of cautious optimism even as his struggling company reported significant quarterly losses. Read More >

Apple, HTC Android Patent Battle Just the Beginning

Apple has won a preliminary ruling against Android manufacturer HTC. Expect these Android battles to continue for some time. Read More >

RIM Evaluates Management Structure, Preps New BlackBerry Smartphones

RIM executives are insisting the company's upcoming BlackBerry smartphones will help it come out ahead, even as RIM evaluates its current co-CEO structure. Read More >

Apple iPad Will Stay on Top Through 2012: Analyst

Apple's iPad franchise will continue to dominate the tablet market through 2012, according to a new analyst report. Read More >

Apple's App Store Tops 15 Billion Downloads, 425,000 Apps

Apple is claiming its App Store has passed 15 billion downloads, and currently boasts 425,000 apps. Read More >

Apple Pushes Fixes for 11 Java Vulnerabilities in Mac OS X

Apple has pushed out the fixes for the Java remote code vulnerabilities Oracle patched earlier this month, including a "serious" flaw that allowed Java applet code to escape from the sandbox and run as if it were a local, trusted program. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: Choosing Business Technology: Strategy Matters

As a tech-department leader, you probably love to discover and deploy great new IT innovations. Not that there's anything wrong with that. In the book, The Power of Convergence: Linking Business Strategies and Technology Decisions to Create Sustainable Success (Amacom/available now), author Faisal Hoque reveals how CIOs and other... Read More >

Nokia to Focus on Location-Based Services, Mobile Ads

Nokia is revising its aims in mobile and location-based services by creating a Location & Commerce business. Read More >

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