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BlackBerry Sales Dip Worldwide Could Mean a Rocky Road for RIM: Analyst

RIM's BlackBerry sales are deteriorating outside the United States, suggests a new analyst report. That puts more pressure on BlackBerry 10 to succeed. Read More >

iPad 3 vs. Android Tablets at Mobile World Congress

When looking at the 2012 Mobile World Congress show, it seems that tablet makers, realizing that they can t beat the iPad 3, are trying to play different games instead. Will it work? Read More >

Apple iPad 3 Expected to Have Big Reveal on March 7

Apple could unveil the iPad 3 March 7, if invitations sent to media are any indication. The tablet will supposedly feature a higher-resolution screen. Read More >

Apple iPad 3 Unveiling Set for March: Report

Apple's iPad 3 will be unveiled in March, according to a new AllThingsD report. Rumors suggest it will feature a more powerful processor and Retina Display. Read More >

New RIM CEO Thorsten Heins Needs to Make BlackBerry 10 a Top Priority

RIM has appointed a new CEO, Thorsten Heins. But the company's immediate goal remains the same: Release the next-generation BlackBerry 10. The upside for IT administrators and others who manage BlackBerry devices for businesses have several months before RIM wholeheartedly embarks on major changes. Read More >

RIM Shows Off PlayBook OS 2.0, BlackBerry 7.1 OS at CES

RIM chose CES as the venue to unveil its long-awaited PlayBook OS 2.0 update, along with BlackBerry 7.1 OS. Read More >

RIM's BlackBerry 10 Strategy: One Smartphone

RIM might offer a single BlackBerry 10 device, according to a new report. That would represent a sea change for RIM, which usually pushes multiple BlackBerry models. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: 10 Mobile Traps To Avoid in the Enterprise

The mobile market is a hot-button topic for consumers and enterprise users alike. On the consumer side, folks are scooping up smartphones and tablets. On the enterprise side, IT decision-makers are realizing the value of mobile products. With that success comes potential pitfalls for CIOs. For years now, you've been buying BlackBerry smartphones, employing BlackBerry Enterprise Server, and... Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: 10 Worst Tech Missteps of 2011

It's nice to look back at 2011 and see all the great accomplishments in the world of technology. From honoring Steve Jobs following his death to delivering some of the finest products the industry has ever seen, the technology sector was filled with stories that should inspire companies to pursue innovations in the years ahead. But, there was another side to the tech industry this year. In far... Read More >

Apple's iPad 3: Expect Siri, Retina Display, New Processor

NEWS ANALYSIS: Apple's iPad 3 could feature Siri, a higher resolution display and other features already present in the company s device ecosystem. Read More >

RIM BlackBerry 10 Part of Turnaround Plan as Net Income Dips

RIM saw its quarterly revenue and net income dip, but its co-CEOs insist their BlackBerry franchise will successfully execute a turnaround. Read More >

Samsung Breaks Its Own Record for Global Handset Sales

Samsung's Galaxy S and Galaxy S II Android smartphones helped the company top the 300 million handset unit sales mark, with time still remaining in 2011. Read More >

RIM Extends Support to iPhone, Android With BlackBerry Mobile Fusion

RIM's upcoming BlackBerry Mobile Fusion management platform supports not only BlackBerry but also Apple's iPhone and Google Android. Read More >

Apple iPhone, Android Top Choices of Enterprise Workers

Apple's iPhone and Google Android top a recent survey of enterprise workers' smartphones, outpacing RIM's BlackBerry and Windows Phone. Read More >

Google Killing Off Gmail App for Blackberry

Google is shelving its Gmail App for Blackberry to focus on mobile Web browsing software for its core messaging application. The news comes as Research in Motion struggles. Read More >

RIM Hit With Lawsuits Over BlackBerry Services Outage

RIM is beginning to face lawsuits over the BlackBerry services outage that hit users across the globe earlier in October. Read More >

Management Slideshow: Should IT Jettison the BlackBerry?

When Canadian firm Research In Motion (RIM) unleashed the first Blackberry devices on the world in 1999, it marked the first time corporate IT departments had a viable option for delivering Email to employees' mobile phones. No wonder the devices spread like a wildfire throughout corporate America, spawning a generation of professional "CrackBerry" addicts. But, as the mobile phone market... Read More >

Mobile & Wireless Slideshow: RIM's BlackBerry Outage: Nine Ways to Restore Enterprise Goodwill

Research In Motion's BlackBerry services outage, which left some users worldwide without Email and messaging for more than a day, was a public relations challenge for the company, and an event that some analysts say could have a dramatic impact on RIM's future. It remains to be seen whether RIM's plans for a host of new "superphones" running the BBX operating system will help it regain market... Read More >

BlackBerry Enterprise Defections Expected to Climb: Report

A survey by analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates reveals that the reason for the mass abandonment of BlackBerry devices in the enterprise is primarily due to a lack of user satisfaction. Only 16 percent of respondents indicated they were completely satisfied with their BlackBerry smartphone. Read More >

RIM Says Sorry for BlackBerry Outage With Free Apps

RIM is offering free BlackBerry apps as part of its make-good for last week's BlackBerry service outages. Read More >

RIM Says BlackBerry Service Back Up and Running

RIM executives claimed on a conference call that all BlackBerry service has been restored for users worldwide. Read More >

RIM Experiences BlackBerry Outages Around the Globe

RIM BlackBerry users in North America are experiencing disruptions in service. An expert says there could be multiple causes. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: 10 Reasons Android Is Scaring CIOs

Google's Android mobile operating system is taking the world by storm. People from just about every continent on the globe are quickly warming to the idea of adopting Google's operating system, and even those that have yet to take the plunge and buy an Android device are thinking quite seriously about doing so. In fact, Forrester recently found that Read More >

RIM's New Curve Sports BlackBerry 7 OS

RIM will release three new Curve smartphones running its BlackBerry 7 OS. It s part of a larger BlackBerry refresh the company hopes will help it retain market share. Read More >

T-Mobile's BlackBerry Bold 9900 Is Its First 4G BlackBerry

T-Mobile's upcoming BlackBerry Bold 9900 will be the carrier s first 4G-enabled BlackBerry. Read More >

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