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Apple's White iPhone 4 Could Give it a Boost Against Android

According to new research by NPD Group, Apple is managing to hold its own against the growing army of Google Android smartphones. Read More >

Apple Releases White iPhone on ATandT, Verizon Networks

After months of unexplained delays, Apple is finally releasing a white version of its iPhone. Read More >

Co-Founder Allen Says Microsoft Windows 7 Phone Needs to Win

In his new memoir, Microsoft's co-founder Paul Allen discusses the company's past and gives advice on how it can thrive in the world of tablets and smartphones. Read More >

Apple Sues Samsung for iPad, iPhone Patent Infringement

Apple alleges in its 38-page suit filed in the U.S. District Court of Northern California that Samsung's smartphones and tablets are too similar to its iPhone and iPad. Read More >

Mobile & Wireless Slideshow: Managing Mobile Workers: 10 Fast Facts

We all know this is the age of the mobile worker. In fact, there will be more than 1 billion such employees by the end of 2011, according to IDC. How do CIOs and other senior executives really feel about this workplace dynamic? There are serious concerns about the management and oversight of these employees, and the costs of supporting them. However, the fifth annual Read More >

BlackBerry Launches Mobile Conferencing App for Enterprise

BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing integrates with a BlackBerry smartphone's Calendar application and lets users set up, accept and participate in conference calls. Read More >

Microsoft Windows 8 Could Incorporate Mobile Design

The next incarnation of Microsoft's Windows operating system could include an "unlock" screen like the Windows Phone and an Office-style ribbon. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: Smartphone Apps: Small Businesses Depend on Mobility

The workplace is changing. Gone are the days when people in your organization needed only a computer and a desk to do their jobs. Now, they may need that computer, but they don't always need that desk. Instead, they need smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices that help them perform the day's tasks wherever they are. This is particularly the case for small businesses, according to a... Read More >

Google Android to Have 45% of Market by 2016

Google's Android platform will have a 45 percent market share by 2016, ABI Research said. Meanwhile, Windows Phone 7 will have a mere 7 percent share. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: March Madness: The Great Productivity Killer

Every year, basketball fans become obsessed with the NCAA March Madness tournament, accessing broadcasts and the latest stats via TVs, computers and mobile deices. How can you blame them? The annual event has the top college basketball teams in the country competing to be named the nation's best. Chances are, you're among those who are immersed in the 2011 NCAA right now. But, from a... Read More >

RIM, Microsoft Partner on Cloud Solutions for PlayBook, BlackBerry

To increase its reach into the cloud, RIM is rolling out services for BlackBerry and PlayBook later this year in a partnership with Microsoft. Read More >

Enterproid Helps Split Work and Personal Data on Android

Enterproid is the latest to crack the mobile device management market, focusing first on Android with its Divide platform. Support for Apple iOS and Windows Phone is coming later. Read More >

Trend Micro: BlackBerry Phones Hit By Zeus Trojan Variant

Researchers confirm that Zitmo, a mobile variant of Zeus, intercepts SMS messages and blocks calls on BlackBerry Smartphones. Read More >

Android Overtakes iOS, RIM in Smartphone Market

Google's Android platform has almost 30% of the smartphone market through January, narrowly beating out its rivals, Nielsen finds. Read More >

Mobile & Wireless Slideshow: What Are Your Mobile Workers Really Doing?

A recent report from Forrester Research, "The Rise of Wannabe And Maverick Mobile Workers," explores the changing mobility profile of today's workforce. We highlighted Forrester's profiles of two types of workers - Mobile Mavericks and Wannabes - in our report "Mobile Mavericks and Wannabes: A Workplace... Read More >

iPad, iPhone Changing Role of IT

The old relationship of end-user to IT is being turned on its ear by the new generation of mobile devices. Read More >

RIM Makes Analytics Service Beta for BlackBerry Available to Developers

Research In Motion (RIM) has produced a beta release of the BlackBerry Analytics Service. Read More >

Research Slideshow: Mobile Mavericks and Wannabes: A Workplace Invasion?

The growth of the mobile workforce is unlikely to slow down anytime soon. In fact, a recent study from Forrester, called "The Rise of Wannabe And Maverick Mobile Workers," reveals some startling new stats about the number of "undocumented" mobile workers in North America and Europe. Forrester defines "mobile wannabes" as those workers who are often at their desks and, therefore, are not... Read More >

SideXSide: Top Tablet Operating Systems

Apple's iPad was the unchallenged leader in the tablet space for 2010, but that's changing this year as the tablet market heats up. See how the three leading tablet operating systems stack up. Read More >

Sprint Releases Mobile App for Remote Wipe of BlackBerry, Android Smartphones

Sprint's Total Equipment Protection plan now offers a free application to help protect data on smartphones. Read More >

10 Percent of Windows Phone 7 Updates Fail

A blog posting from Microsoft reveals that the company's first Windows Phone 7 update failed for 10 percent of users. Read More >

Enterprise Mobility Demand Surpasses IT Managers' Expectations

Forrester Research said most IT managers and vendors are underestimating the need for corporate mobile solutions because they ignore mobile "wannabes" and mobile "mavericks." Read More >

SideXSide: HP Pre3, iPhone 4 and BlackBerry Torch

What do these smartphones really offer the enterprise user? Here's a sideXside comparison of Apple iPhone 4, Apple, the HP Pre3, and RIM BlackBerry Torch to help you decide what's right for your enterprise. Read More >

Mobile & Wireless Slideshow: Mobile World Congress: 9 Hot Topics

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Feb. 14-17, 2011, has been one of the most product-packed and interesting events of the year so far. It has been home to major announcements, new product launches, and all kinds of interesting tidbits of information that will spark the fancy of many an enterprise user of mobile devices. As CIO, on the other hand, you probably have different... Read More >

Consumers Want Smartphones, Not Tablets: Gartner

A new survey by Gartner found tablets to be the very least of what most Americans plan to spend on, while smartphones topped the list. Read More >

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