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Enterprise Technology Slideshow: 10 Worst Mobile Mistakes of 2010

The past year has been an exciting one in the mobile computing space. Smartphones, from BlackBerrys to iPhones to Android-based devices, grew in popularity, and Apple's iPad gave life to the burgeoning tablet market. With all these new products competing for consumers' and businesses' cash, deciding which ones are worth it can be a challenge. For CIOs, it was a year to determine what was best... Read More >

Wall Street Journal Puts iPad, iPhone 4 on Top of List in 2010

Apple's iPad, iPhone 4 and the Samsung Galaxy S topped Walt Mossberg's 2010 gadget list, while last-place nods went to the Dell Streak, Google TV and TiVo Premiere. Read More >

Mobile & Wireless Slideshow: 10 Tech Toys That Mattered in 2010

Over the past year, you've been challenged to ramp up data security in an increasingly hostile environment, even as you attempt to determine which new products are worth allowing into your enterprise. Many of the most popular devices, such as the Apple iPhone 4 and Apple iPad, caught your attention for obvious reasons in 2010. But, the year also saw the introduction of a number of Android-based... Read More >

Record BlackBerry Sales for RIM in Q3

Despite gains made by Apple's iPhone and Android-based smartphones, RIM sees record BlackBerry sales in the third quarter and a 40 percent jump in revenue. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: 12 Tech Behaviors: What They Really Say About You

Our behaviors essentially define who we are. How we choose to conduct ourselves when it comes to interacting with technology speaks volumes about who we are and where our priorities lie. Are you a classic early adopter or a technology Luddite? Are you constantly texting away on a tiny mobile gadget, or do you look to unplug as often as possible? Do you use technology as a way to connect with... Read More >

Head of HP's Palm Unit Says New Smartphones, Web OS Tablet Coming in 2011

Speaking at D:Dive Into Mobile, HP's Jon Rubinstein said the Pre 2 isn't all the company's capable of, and products including a WebOS tablet and a new smartphone are coming next year. Read More >

Apple to Continue Mobile Market Domination into 2011: Report

Apple's iPad and iPhone should continue to hold strong at the top of the mobile market through 2011, according to a new report. Read More >

SideXSide: Enterprise-Friendly Smartphones

There are a slew of devices on the market that deliver some degree of enterprise functionality. In this edition of SideXSide, we compare features of these smartphones to help you determine which offer the right fit for your enterprise. Read More >

Apple Lures Away RIM Sales Team to Spur Enterprise Growth

The iPhone maker is poaching enterprise sales talent from Research in Motion to help drive iPhone and iPad sales to corporate accounts. Read More >

LTE, Mobile Video Calling, Android Top Trends in 2011: Report

A report from Northstream says 2011 will see increasing LTE availability, mobile video calling, and adoption of the Android and iOS operating systems. Read More >

Wozniak: Android Will Eclipse Apple's iPhone

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak told a Dutch newspaper that over the long-term, Google Android devices will beat the iPhone in market share. Read More >

RIM CEO: Apple App Strategy All Wrong

Research In Motion co-CEO Jim Balsillie Nov. 16 came out swinging against Apple for its closed iPhone and iPad development environment at the Web 2.0 Summit. Read More >

STD Testing via Mobile Devices: U.K. Initiative Underway

U.K. researchers have received a $6.4 million grant to fund the eSTI² mobile sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing project, which will use mobile phones or PCs as testing devices. Read More >

Hot Topics: Galaxy Tab, Phone 7

Over the past week, Samsung has launched the Galaxy Tab to rave reviews from critics. Windows Phone 7 also came on the market, even as a study indicates iPhone and BlackBerry devices have the lowest failure rates. See what other topics were hot this week. Read More >

iPhone, BlackBerry: Most Reliable Smartphones

The Apple iPhone 3GS is the smartphone least likely to fail, but Research In Motion's BlackBerrys are most likely to survive a drop, according to a survey on mobile phone reliability. Read More >

Apple, Android Sales Soar in Q3 2010

Android smartphones finished behind world leader Symbian in Q3 sales, while iPhone 4 sales launched Apple into third place, ahead of BlackBerry-maker RIM, reported Gartner. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: Acceptable Use Policies: The IT View

Does your enterprise have acceptable-use policies in place for employee computers, cell phones and smartphones? Do you know whether your employees are actually complying with these policies? An eye-opening study conducted by Cisco reveals a startling disconnect in the perceptions of IT and end-users when it comes to the acceptable use of technology in the workplace. Dubbed "The Connected World... Read More >

Dell: a BlackBerry-Free Enterprise?

Dell plans to transition its 25,000 employees from BlackBerry smartphones to Windows 7-running Dell smartphones, a move it says will cut 25 percent from the company's mobile communications costs . Read More >

Free: BES Software for IBM Lotus Notes

RIM is offering free of charge its Enterprise Server Express software for extending IBM Lotus Notes to BlackBerry smartphones. The software offers tools for end users and IT staff. Read More >

Hot Topics: Koobface Worm, White iPhone, More

Koobface worm is targeting Mac users, a white iPhone 4 has been delayed, and Windows 8 is still a couple years out. Read More >

PayPal: Mobile Payment in the Spotlight

At its annual Innovate developer conference, PayPal announced new mobile technologies for developers to deliver improved payment experiences for consumers on mobile devices. Read More >

Apple, HTC, BlackBerry Drive 2Q Smartphone Sales

Apple, HTC and BlackBerry-maker RIM are leading a smartphone market that is growing at an "extraordinary" pace, says ABI Research. However, this growth is unlikely to last. Read More >

Skype, Apple FaceTime, Google Chat Spur Video Calling

Roughly 20 percent of online U.S. adults have conducted video calls via the Web or their cell phones, according to Pew. Apple FaceTime, Skype and Google Chat will fuel the rise. Read More >

Mobile & Wireless Slideshow: Enterprise iPhone, Android Smartphone Activations Accelerate

It wasn't long ago that most CIOs would scoff at a peer's decision to deploy the iPhone in their operations. The reasoning was that Apple's devices weren't designed with corporate users in mind. And, if increased productivity was central to a company's goals in the future, the iPhone and its virtual keyboard would only hurt the firm's chances of achieving its mission. How times have changed. A... Read More >

Workplace Slideshow: Forrester: Tech Generation Gap Grows

Those of you with kids in your lives will not be surprised by this: A recent study from Forrester Research reveals that the technology generation gap among Americans is growing. For its latest report, "The State Of Consumers And Technology Benchmark 2010," Forrester surveyed 43,000 American and Canadian adults by mail in 2Q 2010. Survey results were segmented by Gen Y (age 18 - 30), Gen X (age... Read More >

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