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Google Phone Plan Hits Delays

Development, carrier issues trouble the release of the much-hyped gadgets. Read More >

Midtier Firms Set Pace with Mobility

Midmarket businesses use some mobile technologies more than large companies do. But hurdles still exist. Read More >

Is the New iPhone Good for Business?

Latest version, expected to be unveiled Monday, supports corporate e-mail and may come cheaper than before. Read More >

Security Tools for Mobile Phones Slow to Take Off

Despite the popularity of BlackBerries and iPhones, software tools have yet to see widespread sales. Read More >

Behind the Census Bureau`s Mobile SNAFU

The U.S. Census Bureau’s flub of a large-scale mobile implementation—the latest in a long line of government IT disasters—sets modernization back a decade. Read More >

IBM to Offer BI Via BlackBerry

Big Blue translates its Cognos acquisition into mobile advantage. Read More >

RIM`s New BlackBerry Targets Businesses

The new smartphone is the first to support HSDPA networks as well as GPS, Wi-Fi and other features. Read More >

Research: Web 2.0, Mobile Gain Momentum

Web 2.0 and mobile technologies are gaining momentum in the enterprise. CIOs still lead the emerging technology process, and despite the ailing economy, more than half expect their exploration plans to hold steady. Read More >

Expert: Gadgets Will Ruin Internet

Smartphones and other toys stifle innovation and threaten the Internet's security, says Jonathan Zittrain of the Oxford Internet Institute. Read More >

BT Returns to Smartphone Market

British telecom firm's new device offering features broadband connectivity. Read More >

Report: RIM`s 3G BlackBerry Faces Delay

Published report says carrier AT&T has concerns about call quality, delaying the release as Apple preps its own high-speed wireless iPhone.   Read More >

Top Firms Sign On to Emerging Mobile Network

Big-name handset and equipment makers agreed to work on licensing framework for Long Term Evolution technology. Read More >

Passengers, You May Use Your Cell Phones

UK regulators approve on-board use for calls and text messages.   Read More >

Mobile Internet Era At Hand

Google sees surge in Web use on hot mobile phones. Read More >

IPhone to Get More Business Friendly

Steve Jobs and company open the device to corporate e-mail, while major funding arrives for new third-party software startups.   Read More >

RIM, Motorola Battle on Mobile Patents

Both sides claim infringement in suits filed over the holiday weekend.  Read More >

RIM Suffers Critical BlackBerry Outage

Several hours of downtime affects businesses, politicians.   Read More >

Microsoft Won't Launch iPhone Rival: Report

A day after leaving CES, Gates says firm will focus on software. Read More >

iPhone Finding Business Fans

Analysts say specific moves could help Apple compete with top handheld maker Research in Motion. Read More >

Google Unveils App for iPhone

Search giant promises more mobile tools ahead of releasing its own platform. Read More >

SAP Unveils Its First Software for iPhone

Demand from salespeople led tech giant to break from its mobile device strategy. Read More >

Google to Bid for Mobile Airwaves

Search giant's offer could exceed $4.6 billion, reports say. Read More >

Is Steve Jobs Manipulating iPhone Customers?

Apple's delay in granting access to outside applications may come with a cost. Read More >

Do-It-Yourself IT: Is the World Ready?

Tech allowance programs are becoming more popular with IT departments and rank-and-file employees. Read More >

Opinion: Will the iPhone Change Everything?

Smart phones that can access on-demand Web-based applications may change business forever. John McCormick, editor-in-chief of Baseline and CIO Insight, explains how. Read More >

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