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Dell Will Make $1 Billion Investment in Virtualization, Cloud

Dell wants to become a bigger fish in the competitive cloud-computing market where it will go head to head with companies that have already established themselves including HP, Microsoft and Amazon. Read More >

CA Buys Government IT Consulting Firm Base Technologies

It's acquisition of Base Technologies builds CA's ability to offer mainframe and virtualization services and technologies to health care and government organizations. Read More >

Target Deploys Microsoft Virtualization Solution to Manage Store Workloads

Microsoft announced that Target is running business-critical workloads for all its retail stores on 15,000 virtual machines using Microsoft virtualization and management technologies. Read More >

VMWare Launches Cloud Management Platform

VMware vCenter Operations centralizes and automates administrative control of dynamic virtual and cloud environments. Read More >

Is it Time for Bring Your Own Technology?

It’s time to get over the control paradigm we’ve all gotten used to and start thinking outside the box. What would it take to allow any device to connect safely and securely to our corporate networks? Read More >

Virtualization a Hot Topic for Security Companies at RSA

Trend Micro, Symantec and Hewlett-Packard join the list of companies talking virtualization at RSA. Read More >

Top Priority for 2011: Data Center Refresh, Consolidation

Technology refreshes are the top data center priority for this year, according to a SANpulse survey. Read More >

Dell PowerEdge Servers Get VMWare PlugIn

Dell's new VMware plug-in enables IT administrators to manage their PowerEdge servers directly through VMware's vCenter console. Read More >

SMBs Want Voice Virtualization: Survey

Ninety percent of survey respondents said virtualization will take on greater importance in their network in 2011. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: Your 2011 in a Nutshell: Spend, Spend, Spend

There are a lot of reasons why you've been putting off making decisions about which new technologies to invest in. On the computing side, you watched the promise of Windows Vista turn into an enterprise nightmare as the product failed to meet the needs of corporate customers, leaving you in a state of perpetual Windows XP. And, even if you wanted to invest in new technology, times have been... Read More >

Why Dell's Compellent Acquisition is a Good Move

With its acquisition of Compellent, Dell is getting a quality storage company for way less than half of what it would have paid for 3PAR. Read More >

Dell Buys Compellent Technologies to Expand Storage Line

Dell will buy virtualized data storage vendor Compellent for $960 million. Read More >

Quest Software Launches Cloud Automation Platform 7.5

Features include a redesigned reporting solution to support multiple chargeback methodologies. Read More >

Infrastructure Slideshow: The Virtual Workplace

Allowing employees to work anytime/anywhere is more than simply a matter of convenience for organizations these days - it's critical to success, according to the "Next-Generation CIOs" report from business and technology consulting firm Cognizant. The report is based on a survey of CIOs, CEOs, VPs and director-level IT managers.... Read More >

Most Business Data is Unprotected in VMs

IT managers surveyed at large enterprises also indicate that 56 percent of data on virtual systems is not even regularly backed up at least once per month. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: Lundquist's Top Tech Trends for 2011

What are the top technology trends that are sure to have the biggest impact when the calendar flips to 2011? CIO Insight's Eric Lundquist breaks it down for us, presenting a view of the year ahead as one that will see significant shifts in the IT organization as well as major developments in cloud, virtualization and mobility. Lundquist is also predicting that 2011 is the year that enterprises... Read More >

Virtualization, Cloud Computing Growing in Enterprise

While a majority of companies are implementing these new technologies, many lack the right tools to troubleshoot and manage performance. Read More >

Virtualization Slideshow: Virtual World Training: Give Your Programs a 'Second Life'

Since the launch of the groundbreaking Second Life in 2003, "virtual world" training and collaboration tools have become increasingly popular in the modern workplace. These are not simply exercises with "cute" avatars that provide an enjoyable but meaningless distraction for employees. These tools can help you, your senior managers and your work teams to recruit and retain talent, address... Read More >

New York Hospital Implements Private Cloud

EMC and its VMware unit have assembled a private cloud for the Orange Regional Medical Center to securely exchange medical data and electronic health records (EHR). Read More >

IBM Offers Security Services for Cloud Environments

IBM offers several hosted security products to enable data integrity, recovery, privacy, and customer isolation in a cloud environment. Read More >

Five Best Practices for Virtualization Deployments

We cite five best practices compiled by Tom Bittman, Gartner vice president and distinguished analyst, and add our perspective, drawn from interviews with leading IT executives, to compile this primer for CIOs considering virtualization. For more, learn how CIOs from Continental Airlines, Texas A&M University and other enterprises are using Read More >

Virtualization as a Tool for Agile IT

CIOs from Continental Airlines, Texas A&M University, and the City of Chesapeake, Va., are among those using virtualization to accommodate growth and achieve agility. Read on to learn more. We've also compiled five best practices for virtualization deployments ... Read More >

Enterprise Smartphone Support Tools from Samsung

Samsung is offering a range of enterprise tools for its Galaxy S smartphone sand Galaxy tablets that aim to ease IT's smartphone support burdens. Citrix Receiver, which offers access to virtual desktops and business apps, and Sybase Afaria are among the options available. Read More >

Books Slideshow: Fall Reading List: Books to Boost Your CIO IQ

Are you having difficulty dodging the political (and personal) "landmines" that exist in every corporate culture? Do you need to brush up on your negotiating skills so you can ensure C-level sign-off on the tech initiatives that you know will benefit your organization? Are you a CIO who must manage a scattered mobile IT team? If so, our baker's dozen fall 2010 reading list can help. A number of... Read More >

Virtualization Slideshow: Virtualized Apps: Are They Tier-1 Worthy?

CIOs and other IT managers are singing about the business benefits of virtualized applications. They can save on power/cooling by consolidating servers. They're known to assist greatly with disaster recovery. And they'll increase an organization's ability to remain nimble in light of rapid shifts in the business environment. So why aren't more of the most critical, "Tier 1" enterprise... Read More >

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