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Desktop Virtualization from Cisco, Citrix

Cisco and Citrix have partnered on a prepackaged solution that pairs networking and desktop-virtualization technology into a holistic system. Read More >

Trends Slideshow: Tech Jargon To Avoid in the C-Suite

You're well-versed in all the jargon that surrounds the technology industry. You're living and breathing cloud computing, virtualization, servers and blades. You're always learning about the next new "game changing technology" coming on the market. You already know that you have to keep tech-speak to a minimum if you want to sell your ideas to your C-level colleagues on the business side. But,... Read More >

VMware Acquisitions Bring Needed Technology

Company purchases Integrien and TriCipher to fulfill its IT-as-a-Service strategy. Read More >

Trend Micro's Virtualization Roadmap

Virtualization and cloud security are targets, with new anti-malware technology announced for virtual environments and encryption key management for the cloud. Read More >

VMware Debuts Cloud App Platform

The solution capitalizes on some of the company's key acquisitions and combines the Spring Java development framework with VMware's new vFabric application services. Read More >

Infrastructure-as-a-Service Is on the Rise

IAAS delivers computer infrastructure, typically a platform virtualization environment as a service. Read More >

Oracle Battles VMWare

Oracle seems determined to take the proverbial gloves off in its fight against VMware. Read More >

Storage Virtualization Demands Increase

Increased storage demands are driving many IT leaders to virtualized storage, according to a new report from Aberdeen Group. The virtualization of servers and PCs, which increases the amount of data that needs to be stored centrally, is one of the drivers behind this growing demand for storage. Read More >

HP Debuts New Security Solutions for Physical, Virtual Environments

Hewlett-Packard, the world's largest technology company, has announced high-performance security solutions designed to prevent network breaches in a converged infrastructure by delivering data protection across both physical and virtual environments. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: Virtual Teams Feel Disconnected

"What we have here ... is a failure to communicate," went the famous line from Cool Hand Luke. All too often, the same can be said for teams that work virtually throughout the world. Employees at multinational corporations report an assortment of communications-based bottlenecks that keep them from reaching their goals, according a new survey from RW3 CultureWizard. Read More >

Trends Slideshow: Father's Day Geek Guide

With Father's Day bearing down on us, a device-obsessed nation once again struggles with what to get the geek dad who has everything. The thing is, they don't have everything, because there's always a steady string of new geeky toys hitting the market. Here are 9 gifts your geek dad probably doesn't have&#151yet. (And if you're the geek dad, you might want to share this with your kids.) Read More >

Workplace Slideshow: How Telecommuting Pays Off

Telecommuting—workers like it, the environment benefits from it, but a lot of bosses still disdain it. In a tight economy, though, it is harder than ever to argue with the bottom-line numbers. Allowing employees to work outside the office provides a great cost savings for organizations, according to new findings from Citrix Online and the Telework Research Network. Read More >

Survey Finds Businesses Consider Virtualization Key to Success

Interest in server virtualization among U.S. medium-size businesses (MBs, firms with 100-1,000 employees) increased significantly in the past year, according to AMI Partners' latest MB tracking study. The survey found the percentage of U.S. MBs that consider server virtualization strategically important has increased from 46 percent to 75 percent. Read More >

vSMP Foundation 3.0 Solution Unveiled by ScaleMP

vSMP Foundation 3.0 supports up to 128 physical nodes and VMs with up to 64 TB of shared memory. ScaleMP is increasing the scalability and performance of its vSMP Foundation virtual server aggregation solution and enabling users to take mainstream Intel-based servers to create massive virtual SMP systems. Read More >

Slideshows Slideshow: 15 Data Center Priorities for 2010

Applied Research West recently tallied up surveys from over 1,700 organizations of all sizes from around the world for Symantec's annual State of the Data Center report. Unsurprisingly, the biggest priorities within these organizational nerve centers focused on availability and reliability of data, and on cost-saving measures such as virtualization, cloud migration and consolidation. Read More >

Strategic Tech Slideshow: Server Virtualization for Everyone

CDW's Server Virtualization Life Cycle Report compiles results of a survey of nearly 400 IT managers, from companies with 100 or more employees, about server virtualization. The report showed that the vast majority of organizations are in some stage or another of implementing server virtualization, but even the best have room to improve. Read More >

Cloud Computing, Mobility Gain Focus for 2010

Cloud computing and new mobility technologies gain focus as IT executives look beyond cost-cutting to new productivity and growth opportunities. Read More >

Emerging Technology: Thinking Out of the Box

CIOs need to build a strong business case for any new IT investment. But in this economy, it requires even more business-savvy. Read More >

CAO: The Next Logical Step for CIOs?

Many have said IT leaders should aspire to the COO role. But there might be a smarter next step. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: Virtualization Driving Server Sales

As virtual machine density increases within the enterprise, more organizations will need to update their servers to handle the increased loads. So say the analysts at IDC and at Gartner. We examine the numbers from both, as well as figures from a recent survey of 290 IT decision makers conducted by Shavlik Technologies at VMworld. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: Eight Technology Letdowns

Technology is subject to grandiose expectations, and often it fails to live up to the hype. We've made huge gains in information management, communications, and getting sports scores on our mobile devices, but the promises unmet leave us wanting more. Read More >

Virtualization Slideshow: VMworld Focuses on Management

Crowds gathered recently at the Moscone Center to discuss innovations in virtualization. With so many companies deploying virtualization solutions on a massive scale, this year's hot topics were around managing and optimizing virtualized platforms and systems. Read More >

Virtualization Slideshow: 10 Reasons to Virtualize Your Desktop Environment

What Embarq Corp. learned during a major project. Read More >

Embarq Goes Virtual, Carefully

Virtualization and thin-client computing takes some planning. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: Eight Ways Porn Changed the Internet

Al Gore may take credit for inventing it. The Department of Defense deserves credit for building out its infrastructure. But let's face it: The real wizards behind the curtain, the first true marketeers of the Internet, and the virtuosos of virtual innovation are the Internet's purveyors of porn. Here's how the porn industry has helped evolve the Internet, for both good and bad. Read More >

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