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Government Slideshow: Virtualized Bureaucracy

So, just how efficient is a bureaucrat in the data center? No, that isn't the beginning to a great joke. It is a question posed by CDW Government in its most recent survey on virtualization within federal agencies, across the civilian and defense spectrum. The company questioned 377 government IT managers in April, compiling the results in its 2009 Federal Virtualization Report released in... Read More >

Virtualization Delivers on Health Records Project

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center combines a big virtualization project with a critical electronic records rollout. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: Ten Reasons For Implementing a Cloud for Records Delivery

The Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Beth Israel Deaconess Physician Organization Electronic Health Records project team lays out the case for cloud computing. See also: Virtualization Delivers for Health Records Read More >

The Efficiency Multiplier Actual Data Center Power Use

Data center power efficiency is essential to running an efficient and Green Computing environment. Too often, there is no holistic view of IT Power Utilization that takes into account all the aspects that use electricity. This video discusses the "power multiplier" effect that details how for every watt of power provided to IT hardware, as many as 2.5 watts of electricity are used for other... Read More >

Flat Budgets Vs Growing Security Threats

Virtualization, the Cloud, and 2.0 technologies pose security challenges in an era of tight budgets. Read More >

Dossia Versus the Healthcare Monster

Can a non-profit consortium tackle some of healthcare's biggest issues? Dossia aims to find out -- with Wal-Mart as a key testing environment. Read More >

Virtualization`s New Frontier

Server virtualization has had a good run. To reap even more benefits for their companies, IT leaders must apply the same technological concepts to a host of different areas. Read More >

Google Drops Second Life Site

Google announced it would shut down Lively, its virtual world site on Second Life, to focus on core business. Read More >

The 10 IT Skills in Most Demand

Network and Windows administrators top the most-wanted skills, with virtualization, .NET and CRM pros further down the list. Read More >

Second Life Goes to Washington

Virtual world founder takes to Capitol Hill to discuss real-world crimes staged in Second Life and others.   Read More >

Doing Business in Virtual Worlds

This step-by-step approach helps companies make an informed decision on whether or not to establish a presence in virtual environments. Read More >

Microsoft Finally in the Virtualization Game

New server test version pits Redmond against market pioneer VMware.   Read More >

Retailers Focus IT Spend on Mobile Devices, Virtual Worlds

Emerging technologies change the way consumers shop. Read More >

Gen Y Loves Libraries and Their PCs

Contrary to some thinking, tech-savvy adults aged 18 to 30 are most biggest library users. Read More >

CIOs Top Management Priorities

Many goals remain, but their scope is widening. Read More >

Top IT Trends of 2008

We asked top IT executives what they expect this year. See what they're planning for.   Read More >

Five Insightful Transformation Books

Alignment has been a top priority for years. These books can help CIOs achieve real results.   Read More >

Oracle Free VM Offering Raises Eyebrows

Oracle announces plans for free server virtualization software at its OpenWorld conference. Read More >

Virtualization: Agility More Significant Than Cost Cutting

Consolidation adds flexibility in provisioning and allocating resources, but experts warn of virtual server sprawl. Read More >

The 10 Most Important Technology Areas for 2008, a Gartner View

The research house defines strategic technologies as those with the potential to significantly impact corporations in the next three years. Read More >

Pushing Technology to the Limit

Utilization rates for key technologies may soon approach their theoretical limits. Here's what you should do to keep your IT running. Read More >

Battle Over Linux: When a Win May Not be a Win

Don't be fooled. The August ruling in Novell's favor doesn't mean SCO's claims to Linux are history quite yet. Read More >

Managing IT Costs in a Weakened Economy

In good times, seven of 10 companies look to keep IT costs down. If the economy weakens, the pressure to make deep cuts will soar. Will CIOs slash jobs or adopt other cost-reduction strategies? Read More >

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