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5 Ways To Save Through Virtualization

Virtualization offers compelling strategic advantages. Here's how your organization can benefit. Read More >

The Anatomy of Second Life

A look at how the virtual world works. Read More >

Tapping into Virtual Marketing

Starwood Hotels demonstrates a relatively low-cost market research experiment in a new Internet medium. Read More >

Virtual Growing Pains

When Linden Lab outlined a growth path for Second Life, it found that getting everyone on the same virtual page wasn't easy. Read More >

Virtualization: PG&E's Power Play

PG&E helps its customers cut costs in their data centers. But the utility also practices what it preaches, through virtualization software and a review of its energy policies. Read More >

Virtualization Enters '2.0' Era

At its annual forum in New York City, IDC analysts and others look to the future of virtualization and see a focus on security and mobility. Read More >

IBM Readies New Virtualization Tools

The company will launch the latest version of its z/VM virtualization software and will also unveil a new secure architecture for hypervisors. Read More >

VMware Set for SMB Play

The virtualization software company is offering a bundle of its products at a low price in order to attract small and midsized businesses. Read More >

Multicore Computing, Virtualization Will Grow in Importance in 2007

While innovation in the server market looks to be on an uptick for 2007, analysts suspect the PC business will remain flat with enterprises and customers adjusting to Microsoft's Vista. Read More >

Innovation Across Borders

Credit Suisse CIO Tom Sanzone on his secrets to IT innovation in a virtual world. Read More >

Music Biz Seeks Second Life Via Virtual Real Estate

The popular virtual world is attacting real-world businesses and expects 9 million members by next June. Read More >

Novell Joins Growing VM Management Chorus

Novell introduces tools that manage heterogeneous virtual machine and grid computing environments to help reduce cost and complexity. Read More >

Microsoft, Novell Make Peace over Linux

The competitors announce sweeping collaboration plans, including an agreement to protect each other's customers against patent infringement claims. Read More >

Storage Markets Trades on Prediction Technology

The storage industry Web site is one of a number of virtual stock markets that help analysts track trends. Read More >

How To Pull Money Out of Storage

New hardware and software are wringing inefficiencies from storage technologies. Read More >

Technology: Simulated Surgery

In the future, med students will practice on virtual patients, using an ultrarealistic high-tech system. Read More >

Gartner Warns to Cut Infrastructure Costs

Reporter's Notebook: Business IT needs to catch up to the consumer market, and companies will embrace virtualization to cut hardware costs, say analysts at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo. Read More >

Study: Virtualization Deployment Goes Prime Time

Research finds those enterprises that have implemented virtualization have achieved significant benefits and are leading the way in what will turn out to be "a virtual revolution." Read More >

The New IT Organization Arrives

To whom you report is less relevant than with whom you work. Read More >

Technology: Predictive Analytics Lets Companies See into the Future

Like a virtual crystal ball, business intelligence applications are getting very good at predicting customer behavior. Read More >

Virtualization Vendor to Reveal New Mac Product

The virtual machine developer plans an announcement and to demonstrate a product, as yet unidentified, at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference. Read More >

Karen Lojeski: The New Rules of the Virtual Workplace

There are plenty of options for organizing work in the age of the virtual corporation. Are you picking the right one for your company? Read More >

Oracle 'Losing Patience' with XenSource, VMware

Citing the urgent need for a single interface that will integrate a variety of virtualization solutions in the Linux kernel, Oracle says it will push harder for all parties to come to the table with a realistic solution. Read More >

Freeing the Virtual Machine

In this TestRun podcast, eWEEK Labs Director Jim Rapoza talks to eWEEK Labs Senior Analyst Jason Brooks about Jason's review of VMware Server 1.0. With the product from the leading virtual machine company now free, VMware Server looks to be a tool Read More >

SCO's Case at an End?

The lawyers agree: After last week's court ruling, SCO's anti-Linux IBM lawsuit is in dire straits. Read More >

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