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'Blue Pill' Prototype Creates 100% Undetectable Malware

A security researcher with expertise in rootkits has created a working prototype of new technology that is capable of creating undetectable malware, even on Windows Vista x64 systems. Read More >

Intel, VMware Offer 'Virtualization ASAP' Program

The joint program will offer resources to software developers looking to build applications for virtualized environments. Read More >

Virtual Chargeback: IBM's New Data Center Move

IBM says its software to let companies track usage and allocate costs in virtualized I.T. environments is critical. But has Big Blue jumped the gun? Read More >

Karen Lojeski: Why Innovation Doesn't Work in the Virtual Workplace

Innovation thrives best in close-knit, trusting environments. How best to nurture it in the new world of the virtual workplace? Read More >

Emerging Technologies Survey May 2006: Which Technologies Make Sense For Your Company?

Our survey of 45 emerging technologies finds team collaboration tools, business process platforms/management suites, server virtualization, and open source databases, development tools and languages are considered "most likely to provide business value" f Read More >

Welch Foods: Out of a Jam with Virtualization

The jelly and juice producer improved its efficiency through virtualization, saving 45% when replacing 100 servers. Read More >

Measuring Virtual Distance

Collaboration across cultures and time zones can raise a host of issues about the way people work together, but sometimes the more obvious problems can mask other, more insidious stumbling blocks to productivity. Read More >

Virtualization Fact Sheet

Using virtualization to increase the flexibility of IT assets allows companies to consolidate IT infrastructure, reduce maintenance and administration costs, and prepare for strategic IT initiatives such as grid computing, utility computing, and service-o Read More >

Funny Money: Virtual Currency

In the gaming world, paying for things that exist only as pixels and an entry in a database is becoming more common. Will the dollars created online have an impact on offline economies? Read More >

Virtualization Can Save Departments, Not Just Servers

Virtualization software helps consolidate IT assets and cut costs. The same principles can help make whole organizations more efficient, but it takes more thought to apply them on departments, rather than just servers or storage units. Read More >

Virtualization May Get More Power From Your Hardware

Virtualization software can help you get more oomph from your processors and, just maybe, run more than one always-on application on each of those expensive servers. Read More >

Virtual Office? How About Virtual Business Unit?

Indiana ad agency uses remote-connection technology to set up a virtual practice in New York, without opening a big office there. Read More >

Virtual Reality Helps Heal Soldiers

Originally a first-person shooter game developed as a tactical training tool for the Army, the military has now adapted it for use in conjunction with therapy for treatment of post traumatic stress syndrome in veterans returning from Iraq. So far, about 5 Read More >

WTC Survivors Find Solace in Virtual Reality

Animated images of the September 11th attacks are being used to help survivors cope with anxiety stemming from that day. Read More >

Windows Vista Security Looks Promising

Opinion:'s Larry Seltzer thinks there's some clever stuff in the next version of the Windows client, but we won't really know anything until late next year when lots of people are actually running it. Read More >

Four Ways to Make Virtual Teams Work

Every company has teams with critical responsibilities whose members are spread out all over the country or the world. The problem of bridging barriers is formidable, but here are some tips on how to make virtual teams really work. Read More >

Make Your Team Stronger by Bridging 'Virtual Distance'

No matter how physically close a team is, its coordination and productivity can be impaired if its communication methods increase distance. Here are four ways to keep your collaboration tools from preventing close teamwork. Read More >

Ending the Emotional Friction of Virtual Teams

Greater virtual distance results in lower trust, muddled goals and diminished success in such measures as customer satisfaction. There are steps to avoid these. Read More >

Virtual Cells Could Speed Drug Discovery

Researchers have developed software that simulates the workings of individual bacterial cells, which could accelerate drug discovery and help fight cancer and bioterrorism. Read More >

The Last Refuge

How can you tell your software vendor's in trouble? When it starts trying to sue its way out of business woes. Read More >

Book Brief:World Out of Balance

World Out of Balance: Navigating Global Risks to Seize Competitive Advantage Read More >

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