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5 Reasons to Embrace As-a-Service Delivery Models

The concept of bringing applications, infrastructure and business processes together and delivering them “as a service” has advanced more rapidly than expected. Read More >

Cloud Boosts Productivity at Hunterdon Healthcare

The healthcare provider embarks on a major move to the cloud to replace older and less efficient systems and applications. Read More >

Measuring the ROI of New Tech Investments

Companies considered tech driven are far more likely to achieve productivity goals than those that aren't, according to a recent survey from Planview. The resulting report, titled "Read More >

Transforming Various Data Sources Into One Platform

Conair’s CIO has forged a strong partnership with marketing and sales to enable easier and faster analytics of customer preferences to drive sales. Read More >

Deltion College Turns to SDN to Boost Performance

An SDN network is far less complex, easier to manage, more robust and more dynamic and scalable for the IT team at Deltion College. Read More >

Quantum Aviation Takes a Trip to the Cloud

A provider of baggage handling systems for the aviation industry turns to a SaaS approach to boost performance and enable mobility. Read More >

Managing IT for a Diverse Portfolio of Businesses

The CTO of Graham Holdings keeps the organization’s diverse business properties flexible and agile by adopting the strategy of a service provider. Read More >

How Crowdsourcing Adds Value Through Interaction

Crowdsourcing has the potential to create new interaction points and take an organization’s performance to a new level. Read More >

FICO’s CIO Drives Cloud-Based Analytics

FICO, in addition to its Scores product, offers analytic software and tools that help organizations make smarter decisions. Read More >

The Pros and Cons of Putting Apps in the Cloud

It's clear that the cloud is profoundly changing the way organizations approach business and IT. It's ushering in huge efficiency and cost gains–and enabling a more agile and flexible framework that taps into the opportunities of the digital age. Yet, many organizations continue to struggle with the question of how to use Software as a Service (SaaS) to maximum advantage, and how to put... Read More >

Five Key Takeaways About Cloud ROI

Clouds represent a fundamentally different way to conduct business. Traditional ROI measures may not apply. Read More >

The Challenges and Rewards of Enterprise SaaS

A new study identifies key trends in the enterprise Software-as-a-Service space, and how CIOs are adjusting to the fast-changing environment. Read More >

Three Ways to Slash Your IT Costs

A new breed of business is re-imagining IT budgets, and looking to the cloud and subscription software to slash IT expenses and connect remote employees. Read More >

How Digital Labor Reduces Business and IT Costs

Robotic process automation will provide a great advantage for the CIOs who embrace it—and be dangerously disruptive for the businesses that disregard its transformational potential. Read More >

CIOs Lack Control Over Obsolete Apps?

One in four applications could be retired, according to an estimate by Capgemini, but it's not always easy for CIOs to retire an out-of-date legacy app. Read More >

Everything as a Service Goes Mainstream

In order to transform their operations and become a digital business, a growing array of organizations is embracing an everything-as-a-service approach. Read More >

Using Everything as a Service to Your Advantage

Instead of fighting the everything-as-a-service trend, CIOs need to leverage its capabilities so they can lower capital investments and better direct their human resources. Read More >

CIOs Face New Challenges With Software Licensing

Managing software licenses has emerged as an onerous and vexing task. Here are three ways to navigate the software compliance space more effectively. Read More >

How SaaS Pacesetters Are Gaining an Advantage

Software as a Service (SaaS) is serving as more than merely a cost-savings tool. It's helping organizations gain a competitive advantage through enhanced business processes, innovation and customer experiences, according to a recent survey from IBM. The accompanying report, "Champions of Software as a Service: How SaaS is Fueling Powerful Competitive Advantage," also depicts how SaaS is... Read More >

CIOs Rise Again on the Coattails of Cloud Computing, SaaS

NEWS ANALYSIS: The CIO’s role was written off as irrelevant until enterprises realized they needed somebody to take charge of cloud computing and software as a service. Read More >

Intermountain Looks to Heal the Business Divide

There is probably no vertical industry in the U.S. under more intense pressure to leverage IT to bring overall costs under control than health care. Read More >

Innovating at Startup Speed

Led by a recruit from the startup world, Nationwide Insurance is combining collaboration and APIs to reinvent the way it creates applications. Read More >

Public Cloud Services Market Booming

The subscription Web services market is now forecast to grow 19.6 percent in 2012 to total $109 billion worldwide, up from projections of 12 percent to 15 percent. Read More >

Cloud Service Contracts: What CIOs Need to Know

Cloud outages can be damaging to your brand and to your bottom line. How can you best protect your organization if disaster strikes or other issues arise concerning your cloud-service provider? Know what's in your contract. Read More >

Cloud Services Contracts: What CIOs Need to Know

Cloud outages can be damaging to your brand and to your bottom line. How can you best protect your organization if disaster strikes or other issues arise concerning your cloud-service provider? Know what's in your contract. Read More >

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