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Salesforce Announces On-Demand SOA Feature

At its developer conference, Salesforce.com is unveiling Salesforce SOA, a new platform capability that helps developers build on-demand applications. Read More >

Salesforce.com Does Well for Itself in Fiscal Q1

Salesforce.com ups its earnings guidance for a full year based on fiscal first quarter 2008 results. Read More >

Business Intelligence: Will It Improve Inventory?

Expanding its product lines helped Dick's Sporting Goods grow from a mid-market player to one of the country's premier athletic retailers. But first it had to become more nimble in the ways it managed and tracked its offerings. Read More >

CIOs Want Integrated Web 2.0 Tools

A new study reveals that CIOs prefer Web 2.0 tool suites from major vendors rather than standalone applications. Read More >

Microsoft Sees Complex Future for Software

The next generation of applications will include local software and global services, resulting in a persistent hybrid model, says a Microsoft executive at the New Software Industry conference. Read More >

Next Step: BizTalk

Microsoft expands on software plus services, rather than SAAS, strategy. Read More >

Salesforce.com Quietly Acquires Content Management Company Koral

Adds unstructured content management capabilities to Apex platform and as stand-alone app Read More >

The End of Software, and a New Way of Doing Business

Salesforce.com chief Mark Benioff has brought the concept of consumer e-commerce applications to business users, creating one of the fastest growing tech companies in the world. Read More >

Salesforce.com Announces 2.0 Strategy, Wealth Management Edition

The company's plans include focusing on its platform and adding vertical functionality to its CRM core, with a focus on financial services. Read More >

Google Apps Premier Edition Takes Aim at the Enterprise

The Google Apps Premier Edition will give the search engine pioneer the chance to see whether it can become a software-as-a-service powerhouse by selling a basic suite of online desktop applications for $50 per user per year. Read More >

JetBlue Not Alone: 5 Other Critical I.T. Events

Technology is often a factor in a company's darkest hour. What's important is the immediate response—and future prevention. Read More >

Budgets Up 8.6%: Where's The Money Going?

Instead of handing IT over to outsourcers, midsize companies are building up their own IT capabilities. Read More >

Web 2.0: Creating a Successful Enterprise Strategy

It's easier than ever to add interactivity to the Web experience. But learning to embed these capabilities into the business will take time. Read More >

Web 2.0: Business Tools That Save Time, Money

Say goodbye to the Web you know and hello to the Web you've always wanted. A variety of frameworks for building rich Internet applications are helping companies save time and money. Read More >

Change: The Only Constant

January 2007 Future of I.T. Survey: Amid the regular upheaval, one thing's for sure—I.T. executives won't die of boredom during the next five years. Read More >

5 Software Development Mistakes to Avoid

Two I.T. experts offer their tips on successful software development. Read More >

Salesforce.com: When On-Demand Goes Off

A year ago, the hosted customer relationship management software provider wanted to expand its services. First, it had to bring its own technology infrastructure up to speed. Read More >

Test Your IQ

As corporations more fully embrace business intelligence, CIOs are running into new sets of challenges. Read More >

Six Tips for Business Intelligence Success

From Baseline: Slideshow As business intelligence tools become sharper and more readily available, a new wave of workers—from sales to logistics—can analyze business trends faster and make better decisions. As much care as ever need Read More >

How the Web Polarized Politics

The Internet once promised a new era of communications and understanding across disparate cultures and beliefs. But Gerry McGovern, a Web content expert, says it's only served to deepen the divide. Does the Web encourage political polarization? Read More >

RFID: The Book on Item-level Tagging

Netherlands-based bookseller Selexyz has implemented RFID at the item level—the Holy Grail of supply-chain management. Read More >

Web 2.0: How High-Volume eBay Manages Its Storage

The ultrapopular auction/sales Web site continues its exponential growth and finds itself adding 10 terabytes of new storage every week. That's a lot of data. Read More >

Bubble 2.0?

Opinion: With billion-dollar acquisitions and out-of-control hype surrounding Web 2.0, you might think we're in the throes of another bubble. You'd be wrong. Read More >

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