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Special Report: Web 2.0

The time to take your head out of the sand is now. How can your company cash in on Web 2.0? Or protect itself from it? Read on for advice, best practices and case studies. Read More >

Pedals to the Metal

Baseline's ranking of the 50 business software companies with the biggest year-to-year growth finds that eight of the top 10 offer software as a service. Read More >

Field Report: Security in the World of Web 2.0

The face of the Internet is changing—and creating new threats for the enterprise. Read More >

Technology: Predictive Analytics Lets Companies See into the Future

Like a virtual crystal ball, business intelligence applications are getting very good at predicting customer behavior. Read More >

Microsoft to Highlight Next-Gen Web Work at Research Summit

Windows Live Image Search and a new social bookmarking project are among the agenda items for the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit. (Microsoft Watch) Read More >

Web 2.0, AJAX Bring New Era of Threats

Viruses that use technological advances such as AJAX to help deliver their payloads will likely proliferate as malware writers find ways to utilize these Web development tools. Read More >

Google Redoubles Enterprise Search Push

Partnerships with Cognos, Oracle and Salesforce.com are only the start as Google strives to build links with established enterprise software companies. Read More >

Salesforce.com Takes to the Road

The company buys Sendia for $15 million and creates a mobile software on-demand service. Read More >

Salesforce.com Suffers Additional Outages

A cache server issue prevents North American users from accessing their Salesforce.com applications for hours. Read More >

India on My Mind

Editorial: Our second annual issue on globalization comes at an opportune time. Read More >

Software as a Service Fact Sheet

The rental model has been revived, and some companies are finding value thanks to better pricing and lower up-front costs. But the rent vs. buy cost analysis is fraught with complexity. Read More >

Outsourcing Security Fact Sheet

Despite the concrete benefits of outsourcing security to companies that specialize in it, most companies find the prospect too frightening. When does it make sense? Read More >

Too Many Blogs Spoil the Party

All the hype around blogs in the enterprise obscures some nagging questions about the reliability of blogging services. Read More >

Web 2.0 Reality Check

Think your company has adapted to the Internet? Think again. A flood of Web services and user-driven apps will mean fresh challenges for IT management. Read More >

What the Hell Does Web 2.0 Mean, Anyway?

There's a lively debate in the blogosphere about what functions, practices and technology actually makes up "Web 2.0." So why should a CIO care? It may matter more than you know. Read More >

Book Brief: Coaching and Feedback for Performance

Part of a leader's job is to develop other leaders. Read More >

Microsoft Acknowledges Need to Help Build Web Services

With Microsoft now on board, the software revolution can officially begin. Read More >

How to Lie with Earned Value

Opinion: Earned-value analysis is one of the most-used measures of how well a tech project is progressing. Unfortunately, it's one of the most misleading as well. Read More >

Negotiation's Not an Art, It's a Skill You Can Hone

Ziff Davis Internet's Jeff Angus advised that negotiation's not a mysterious art that only the soulless can master. With the right instruction, anyone can be a competent negotiator, with vendors, with colleagues, even with the kids. Read More >

Business Intelligence Is Valuable, but Falls Short of Its Potential

After years of wannabe status, business intelligence has begun having a measurable impact both in the number of users inside the corporation and on the bottom line. Its sucess, however, is far from unqualified. Read More >

Docs Find New Entry into Electronic Medical Records

Application service providers, to which physicians pay a monthly subscription fee, could encourage greater connectivity among health care providers. Read More >

Customized Outsourcing: The Latest on Rentable Software

Rent vs. buy isn't only a question for lightweight or non-critical apps anymore. Sometimes it makes sense to let someone else take care of your crown jewels. Read More >

Issue Summary: What You'll Find in May

CIOs and compliance, remaking ADP and Australia's government, and how IT can make a so-so company A-OK. Read More >

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