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Management by Wishful Thinking Is More Common than You'd (Wish to) Think

Opinion: Managers can often overlook fine-tuning or overhauling details along the way, failing to learn the basic lessons from their previous flub. Read More >

Electronic Pill Box Proves to Be Good Medicine

Updated: The Med-eMonitor electronic pill box reminds patients when to take medicine and alerts doctors if a patient stops taking medication. Read More >

Speeding Up the Future

We continue to be impressed by the overall optimism of CIOs as they contemplate the future. Read More >

Data Management: Getting Clean

Sophisticated business intelligence tools give executives greater "visibility" into their company's operations than ever before, but they're useless—and even self-defeating— if the underlying data's not clean.

To Read More >

Book Briefs: MBA in Box

The twist here is simple: Instead of focusing on the nitty-gritty taught in business school—how to do a regression analysis, for example—why not have Mike Milken talk about how finance is really about "the art and science of sustaining growth, b Read More >

Build Your Own Term Sheet

Are the vendors who responded to your RFP addressing your needs? Term sheets can give you the answer at a glance. Here is a guide of how to create your own term sheet. Read More >

Book Review: 2003 Roundup

By now, if you are like most of us, you've already broken your New Year's resolutions. Read More >

Case Study: 99 Cents Only Stores' Efficient IT Infrastructure

99 Cents Only Stores' low-budget roots are supported by a highly efficient IT infrastructure that helped them earn $863 million in sales in 2003, up 21 percent over the previous year, while spending less than $5 million on IT. Their strategy? Cutting-edge Read More >

Business Intelligence 2003: Are Your BI Systems Making You Smarter?

Nearly two-thirds of the IT execs who responded to CIO Insight's latest survey said they're amassing business intelligence, but most said they haven't yet succeeded in delivering it to employees. Read More >

Case Study: Parkway Corp. and Business Intelligence

Replacing instinct with data is helping a mid-sized, family-run parking company boost profits, cut costs—and make employees more accountable for results. Read More >

Expert Voice: Charles Grantham on the Real-Time Consumer

The Net boom is over, but not without spawning an ever more demanding new class of consumers who want to be pampered, says researcher Charles Grantham. The attitude is spreading. Is business ready? Read More >

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