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Adobe Releases Creative Cloud Service With CS6

Adobe has launched its Creative Cloud service, a cloud-based subscription service that enables subscribers to access the Adobe creative tools, including the new Adobe CS6 apps and tools. Read More >

Strategic Tech Slideshow: Gartner's Global SaaS Spending Report: Plenty of Room for Growth

The latest research from Gartner shows that spending on Software-as-a-Service applications is growing steadily around the world, a trend that's expected to continue for the next few years. And while SaaS adoption in the more mature North American and Western European markets shows no signs of slowing, the most explosive growth is anticipated in geographies where economies are still developing,... Read More >

HP Releases Open-Source Converged Cloud Platform

The idea of HP Converged Cloud is that enterprises now will be able to construct an open-standards cloud architecture inside their own firewalls -- using any server, storage and networking hardware. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: IT Offshoring Set to Increase in Near Future Before Levelling Off

IT departments in North American and European enterprises with revenues of more than $1 billion were hardest hit by offshoring among all the business services sectors studied in a recent report by The Hackett Group. IT experienced the largest decline in jobs (as a percentage of the 2001 baseline number of jobs), and also bore the brunt of reductions in absolute terms, of all business services... Read More >

SaaS Revenue Will Hit $14.5 Billion in 2012, Gartner Predicts

The U.S. currently represents the largest opportunity for SaaS, and it is the most mature of the regional markets. Read More >

Cloud Security, Bandwidth Demands Create IT Challenges

Seventy-four percent of respondents indicated their chief concern about cloud migration was ensuring corporate data security. Read More >

Cloud Adoption Rises Among Small Businesses: Dell

SMBs said key benefits of adopting cloud applications include a low total cost of ownership and fast deployment time. Read More >

What Your CEO Needs to Know About the Cloud

The cloud services agreement is a complex issue in today's environment. Many such agreements are effectively nonnegotiable, and you should use caution trusting vendors with mission-critical functions or sensitive company data. Read More >

Inside Qualcomm's Integrated IT Infrastructure

Norm Fjeldheim, Qualcomm's SVP and CIO, shares his views on the company's approach to "everything as a service" (XaaS), the rationale for choosing this strategy, the challenges he met along the way and the value he has garnered for his company. Read More >

Government Cloud Adoption: TechAmerica Releases Best-Practices Report

"We've got to wake up. The problem is all these legacy systems. If we could start over, we'd be fine. But we're stuck with all these old contracts." -- California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom. Read More >

UnitedHealth Group Launches Cloud Platform for Health App Development

UnitedHealth Group's Optum unit has launched a cloud platform to host applications in an open environment. Read More >

Is This the Year PaaS Goes Mainstream?

For years, the industry has readied itself for widespread adoption of PaaS. Is 2012 the year when this latest cloud technology gets the recognition it deserves? Read More >

Multiple Cloud Formations Require New Security Approaches

New-generation service providers are filling gaps in private-public cloud security. Read More >

Oracle Taleo Buy Targets SAP, Salesforce.com

Oracle's $1.9 billion bid for Taleo follows SAP's $3.4 billion play for SuccessFactors and Salesforce.com's acquisition of Rypple in the burgeoning sector for cloud-based human capital management software. Read More >

Symantec, Doyenz Partner on Cloud-Based Recovery Service for Virtual Environments

As part of the new release, Symantec transformed Backup Exec s user interface and configurability to provide users with a simpler experience. Read More >

Recruitment Technology Aids Human Capital Management

Aberdeen researched nearly 300 companies to determine how well they were performing on the core business of human capital management. Read More >

Platform as a Service Entering Pivotal Year: Gartner

By 2016, competition among PaaS vendors will produce new programming models, new standards and new software market leaders. Read More >

Ex-U.S. CIO Vivek Kundra Becomes Salesforce.com's Cloud Evangelist

Salesforce.com hired former U.S. CIO Vivek Kundra to lead the cloud computing provider's expansion into government and other markets overseas. Read More >

UC Berkeley Picks Google Apps Over Microsoft Office 365

The University of California at Berkeley explained why it picked Google Apps for Education over Microsoft Office 365. Google won on efficiency of migration, while Microsoft won on security, albeit barely. Read More >

NOAA's Messaging Platform Moves to the Cloud

This agency-wide transition has wide-ranging goals, including modernizing e-mail and calendar infrastructure; integrating collaborative tools; and facilitating synchronization with mobile devices to support the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's mission nationwide. Read More >

DIY Cloud Solutions, Apps Gain Traction

Sixty-eight percent of information workers who built an app on their own said they completed the work in less than a week. Read More >

Backup a First Step to the Cloud for Many Businesses

While the fast path to cloud computing varies, it looks like many enterprises, as well as consumers, were already on the way before they really knew what cloud computing meant. Read More >

Microsoft Adds HIPAA, EU Data Privacy Protection to Office 365

Microsoft says its cloud-based Office 365 platform now conforms to HIPAA and European Union privacy regulations. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: Deloitte's Tech Trend Picks for 2012

What will be the top IT trends in the coming year? Deloitte Consulting LLP offers its take on what's to come in the company's annual Tech Trends report for 2012. Deloitte lists the top 10 disruptive and emerging technology trends that will play a crucial role for enterprises over the next 12 to 18 months. The report, which will be released in late January 2012, found five imminent technology... Read More >

Companies Will Use the Cloud to Boost Efficiency, Get Closer to Customers in 2012

Hubspan predicted TCO would continue to be the primary driver of cloud adoption due to scalable costs. Read More >

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