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SAP Adds New Cloud IP With $3.4B SuccessFactors Buy

SuccessFactors, which makes a progressive brand of human resources data management software provided via cloud service, lost $26 million last quarter but has promising IP. Read More >

Salesforce.com Takes AppExchange Mobile With iOS, Android

Salesforce.com makes its AppExchange application store for CRM professionals available via smartphones and tablets based on Apple's iOS and Google's Android platforms. Read More >

Salesforce.com's Benioff Bashes Oracle, Microsoft, Again

Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff reels off the numerous reasons why he doesn't care for Oracle, which he views as still just a big database maker, and Microsoft, which he called irrelevant. Read More >

Cloud Computing Traffic Will Expand 12-Fold By 2015, Cisco Says

By 2015, 76 percent of data center traffic will remain within the data center itself as workloads migrate. Read More >

Salesforce.com Launches Social Marketing Cloud

Salesforce.com's Social Marketing Cloud uses the assets from the company's Radian6 acquisition to provide a complete, Web-based social marketing platform. Read More >

Integration Fears Hinder SaaS Deployments: Report

A report identifies five key findings regarding the impact of integration on SaaS/cloud vendor success. Read More >

Strategic Tech Slideshow: 10 Trends That Will Influence Your Future Decisions

As a CIO, you both help promote new trends in the industry and respond to them. While some of your colleagues are still determining what to do in the next year, you're already thinking about how technology is going to help shape your business far into the future. CIOs have to be forward-thinking executives to make sure enterprises are leveraging technology in the right way. In light of that, a... Read More >

Developers Pick VMware Cloud Foundry as Top Cloud Platform: Survey

Results of an Evans Data survey show that developers view VMware s Cloud Foundry as the overall best cloud development platform. Read More >

Infrastructure Slideshow: 10 Ways to Sell Your CEO On Cloud Computing

Is the enterprise ready for the cloud? Companies like Google, Salesforce, IBM and others think so and they're creating solutions give enterprise customers what they want. Cloud-computing solutions are gaining traction across the market. As a CIO, the value of cloud computing is clear. And chances are, if your company hasn't already deployed cloud solutions, you're making plans to do so.... Read More >

Analysts Views Mixed as Salesforce.com Reports Loss for Q3

Salesforce.com reported a third-quarter loss of 3 cents a share on sales of $584 million. Some analysts believe bookings are down; others believe all is simpatico. Read More >

Books Slideshow: How to Get Your IT Teams to Collaborate Effectively

Whether you're a CIO or an IT employee, Agile methods can help your team innovate and excel in a world in which data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics are becoming a more important part of the IT ecosystem. In the book, Agile Analytics: A Value-Driven Approach to Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing (Addison-Wesley Professional), author Ken Collier demonstrates how... Read More >

Cloud Computing's Pros and Cons: IEEE CIO Weighs In

The spectrum of cloud computing service models offers an increasing collection of managed IT services with concomitant decreasing control and flexibility. The three core cloud computing service models -- IaaS, PaaS and SaaS -- all provide varying levels of economies of scale, impose varying degrees of vendor lock-in, and have their own issues with regard to systems integration among the various... Read More >

U.S. Counts on the Cloud to Boost Cyber Security

Cloud computing will make the intelligence community more secure and efficient, according to Gen. Keith Alexander, head of the National Security Agency. Read More >

Hitachi Data Systems Introduces Cloud Packages

HDS is developing technology through its acquisition of ParaScale that will help create an information cloud. Read More >

Enterprise Infrastructure Is Really About People

Evolving beyond providing basic enterprise infrastructure services does not mean we can forget about these services. While some CIOs have made the leap to be considered strategic partners with their C-level peers, these relationships are based on the credibility they have developed within their organizations. Nothing can destroy that credibility faster and easier than infrastructure services... Read More >

Oracle Expands CRM Portfolio With RightNow Technologies Acquisition

Oracle's acquisition campaign continued unabated with the Oct. 24 announcement that it is buying RightNow Technologies, a producer of cloud CRM and customer support applications, for $1.5 billion. Read More >

Microsoft Sales Strong, But Cloud Services Still a Question

Microsoft posted strong quarterly numbers on sales of business software and Windows, but cloud and online services aren t yet major revenue drivers. Read More >

Microsoft's Ballmer Talks Bing, Windows Phone

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer used the Web 2.0 Summit to discuss Windows Phone, the cloud, Google competition and Bing. Read More >

IBM Launches New SmartCloud Services, Java PaaS

IBM announced a bunch of new cloud services, including a new platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering for Java developers, pitting it against Oracle in yet another way. Read More >

Managed Services Spending Could See Double-Digit Growth

Nearly 67 percent of SMB channel partners offer one or more types of managed services, according to the survey. Read More >

Businesses Concerned About Cloud Security Issues: Symantec

Despite a great deal of consideration, many organizations claim that they are not ready to adopt the cloud. Read More >

Amazon Silk Browser Powers Kindle Fire in the Cloud

Part of the magic behind Amazon's new Kindle Fire tablet will be Silk, the special mobile Web browser the e-commerce giant built to help deliver consumers' Web content faster. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: Top IT Applications in 2012 and Beyond

If you had to choose which applications represent the biggest priorities for your organization, what would they be? Business intelligence/analytics? Social media tools? Data management? Mobile management? All of the above? The wealth of options seems endless. Yet, CIOs and other senior technology executives continue to pursue them as they seek to align IT acquisition with their organization's... Read More >

Marc Benioff: Salesforce.com CEO Warns of an 'Enterprise Spring'

According to Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff, in his Aug. 31 keynote at his company's Dreamforce 2011 conference, we're on the cusp of an "Enterprise Spring," a revolutionary period for corporations that is being driven by the dual factors of social media and ubiquitous mobility. Read More >

Salesforce Unveils Chatter Features at Dreamforce

Salesforce.com is unveiling some new social-networking features for Chatter as its Dreamforce conference kicks off. Read More >

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