Cisco Takes Video Surveillance Virtual on UCS

Posted : 03-21-2012

The move to bring its video surveillance solutions to the UCS converged data center platform is the first step in a larger physical security strategy. Read More »

Cisco to Acquire Video Software Firm NDS for $5 Billion

Posted : 03-16-2012

Cisco executives say the acquisition will bolster the company s presence in the video market and add to the capabilities of its networking business. Read More »

News of the Week October 5th 2011

Posted : 10-07-2011

Apple gives an iPhone to Sprint and releases the iPhone 4S, which eliminates many of the iPhone 4's shortcomings. It has an internal antenna switching system that should reduce if not eliminate the problems with the original antenna causing signal loss if held the wrong way. It also has a much faster processor, better... Read More »

First Look at The Center for Business Complexity and Global Leadership

Posted : 10-07-2011

The Center for Business Complexity and Global Leadership recently opened its doors at the Sawyer Business School, at Suffolk University in Boston, MA. According to its website, "The Sawyer Business School stands by its commitment to further our understanding of the global economy, not only as a remote business model, but... Read More »

Can An Enterprise Go All Apple

Posted : 09-09-2011

Apple is on a roll in the consumer and prosumer space, but can a company go all Apple? Jason Brooks the director of eWeek Labs is interviewed by Eric Lundquist to analyze whether a company can go all Apple from clients to servers. The answer will surprise you as Apple in the server room conflicts with the trend to... Read More »