Big Data Emerges as Leading Game Changer

Big Data Emerges as Leading Game Changer

Big Data Is a Big AssetBig Data Is a Big Asset

59% of CIOs and other tech leaders say big data plays an extremely important role in their organization.

Embrace Big Data or Disappear?Embrace Big Data or Disappear?

79% say organizations which do not embrace big data will lose their competitive position—and possibly go out of business.

Big Data Is a Game ChangerBig Data Is a Game Changer

89% say big data will revolutionize the way their company does business, much like the Internet did in the 1990s.

Anticipated Impact of Big Data on Business for the Next Five YearsAnticipated Impact of Big Data on Business for the Next Five Years

The transformation of customer relationships: 63%, The redefining of product development: 58%, The overhauling of an organization’s operations: 56%

An Extra AdvantageAn Extra Advantage

83% say they use big data to give their organization a competitive edge.

Five Top Challenges With Big Data ProjectsFive Top Challenges With Big Data Projects

Security: 51%, Budget: 47%, Lack of talent to implement it: 41%, Lack of talent to run data analytics on a regular basis: 37%, Integration with existing systems: 35%

Top Ways to Address Big Data ChallengesTop Ways to Address Big Data Challenges

Internal tech training: 54%, Vendor-based workshops: 50%, Independent research: 49%

Increasing Data ExpertiseIncreasing Data Expertise

91% of CIOs and other tech leaders expect to increase their data science expertise within the next year.

Getting Outside HelpGetting Outside Help

57% of CIOs and other tech leaders hire external consultants for big data installations, and 45% indicate that they have used contract employees.

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty is a contributor to CIO Insight. He covers topics such as IT leadership, IT strategy, collaboration, and IT for businesses.

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