Cyber Agency Launches Security Awareness Campaign

CISA: "Anyone can be the victim of ransomware, and so everyone should take steps to protect their systems."

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Why 2021 Is the Year for Zero Trust Security

Bad actors and market forces call for a zero-trust approach to security, making identity your new perimeter. 

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Threat Intelligence: It’s Not Just for IT Anymore

How can predicting a bad actor’s attempts to hack your business prevent a disaster?

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Cybercrime Soars, and Online Retailers More Vulnerable Than Ever

Cyber criminals stayed busy through the pandemic. Online retailers were among the most affected.

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8 Low-Cost Ways to Improve Cybersecurity

Eight technology experts and business owners recommend methods that companies can use to decrease security costs while also improving security initiatives.

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Corporate Cybersecurity Defenses Outgunned by Cybercriminals

Recent research reveals that organizations have received alarmingly low scores in important sectors of cybersecurity.

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How CISOs Can Become More Effective

Hint: leave the little things to other people.

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Why Enterprises Struggle to Thwart Phishing Attacks

Phishing is one of the simplest forms of cyberattack - and also one of the most successful. Training is the only way to stop it.

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The Security Issues Keeping CISOs Up at Night

The exponential growth in the number of employees working from home has greatly expanded attack surfaces. Securing those new connections should be job number one.

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Is Tape Backup the Solution to Ransomware?

Could good old-fashioned tape storage be the best defense against ransomware? The case is compelling.

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Smart Cities, Smarter Cybersecurity?

A study on smart cities, those that apply technology to solve problems in urban communities, warns that ensuring that they are cyber-safe will require resources and shared responsibility. The report, "Building Smarter Cities and Communities: Insights from Citizens and Government," was... Read More »

Widespread Employee Snooping Threatens Companies

Employees are snooping for unpermitted information on their company's corporate network, underscoring the need for identity and access management and putting organizations at risk, a new study finds. IT executives with seniority are the worst offenders. Because companies are not adhering to best practices regarding user access control and governance, employees may move through the enterprise... Read More »

Let's Stop Pretending About Cybersecurity

The recent Equifax and Deloitte breaches further demonstrate the wretched state of cybersecurity.

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Confusion over Security Responsibility in Cloud

Most IT professionals do not fully understand the public cloud shared responsibility model for securing applications and data and may believe their cloud providers have more responsibility than they in fact do, says a new study. Responsibility for security industry standards... Read More »

Shining a Light on Cloud Security

Cloud security is evolving and changing. A new report sheds light on the state of the industry.

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GDPR Is Coming Soon … and Companies Aren't Ready

When the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect on May 25, 2018, it will affect global companies in a significant way. The initiative establishes specific requirements for how organizations must handle personal data touching E.U. citizens—even businesses that aren't physically located in Europe. The GDPR requirements include the need to appoint a data... Read More »

What New NIST Guidelines Mean for Passwords

The tech community needs to understand what NIST is really saying in its historic rewrite of authentication guidance, which evaluates the security of passwords.

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Spending Your Budget on the Right Security Tools

Companies worldwide are hemorrhaging money as a result of cyber-attacks and misdirected investments in inefficient and ineffective security capabilities, according to a new report. These companies are losing as much is $11.7 million per business annually. That's an increase of 62 percent in five years and $2.4 million per incident, according to the research report published by Accenture and... Read More »

Breaches and Compromises Stepped Up in Q1 and Q2

Yet another study shows that organizations are failing to deploy adequate security tools and processes to prevent data breaches, many of which are caused by accidental loss or exposure of data. The report notes that even relatively small numbers of breaches can result in enormous losses of data records. The Gemalto study, "Read More »

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