Disaster Recovery Plans: How Well Is Your Business Prepared to Deal with the Worst?

The long-term impact of a disaster depends entirely upon the presence and implementation of a well-designed IT disaster recovery plan.

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Automation and Enterprise AI to Loom Large in 2021

Two key findings on how AI and automation are expected to impact your business this year.

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IT Isn't Keeping Up With Business Needs

IT and development teams can't respond fast enough to meet business needs, and the pandemic is making the problem worse.

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Public Cloud Thrives During the Pandemic

The public cloud shows growth during the pandemic as global enterprises shift IT investment to enhanced cloud solutions.

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Solving Supply Chain Management Problems

Digital transformation can help companies meet supply chain challenges and shortages. But what does supply chain digital transformation mean?

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Edge Technology Finds Success Even as Skills are Lacking

Edge technology is gaining traction and finding success even though all the pieces aren't in place yet. Here are some use cases and challenges.

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Where Data Streaming and Analytics Miss the Mark

Critical decisions are made every day based on analytics, but incomplete data makes the results questionable.

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Using Technology to Recover from Natural Disasters

Natural disasters can be made more manageable with analytics.

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COVID-Induced SMB Struggles Hurt the Enterprise Market

Small businesses are being disproportionately affected by the pandemic. Can technology save them?

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The Edge Data Center Becomes a Thing

As more and more traffic gets generated at the edge of the network, edge data centers may be the answer.

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COVID-19 is Changing IT Spending Patterns

The pandemic is shifting IT spending toward the cloud and remote work, and away from some industries and toward others. Here's the scoop.

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10 Facts About Open Source and the Linux Kernel

If you were ever curious about how many developers and companies have contributed to the Linux kernel during its more than a quarter century of existence - in addition to a wealth of other interesting statistics about the kernel - then you'll want to check out this list of 10 "fun facts" from The Linux Foundation. In its "2017 Linux Kernel Development Report," the foundation has compiled... Read More »

Confusion over Security Responsibility in Cloud

Most IT professionals do not fully understand the public cloud shared responsibility model for securing applications and data and may believe their cloud providers have more responsibility than they in fact do, says a new study. Responsibility for security industry standards... Read More »

Data Is the New Oil

Digital activities have gone mainstream. Understanding the data is critical.

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Why IT Is Increasing Investments in Colocation

A clear majority of data center managers said they are already using colocation or plan to do so shortly, according to a recent survey from Vertiv. The resulting "Colocation Data Center Usage Report" defines colocation as an environment that includes multi-tenant data centers,... Read More »

Renown Health Transforms Its IT Environment

A healthcare provider in Nevada had to move to a much more efficient and secure IT environment, so it embarked on a complete data center redesign and IT refresh.

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Next-Gen Networks Advance Digital Transformations

IT decision-makers admit that their companies are still several years away from a fully realized digital transformation, according to a recent survey from Riverbed. The accompanying report, titled "The Future of Networking," indicates that the deployment of next-generation networks would... Read More »

How to Become a Master at Software Delivery

While modern approaches to software development and delivery are emerging as make-or-break factors for achieving a competitive edge, few organizations excel in practicing continuous delivery, deploying DevOps-enabled automation or adopting other digital transformation-worthy tools and techniques, according to a recent survey from CA Technologies. The resulting report, "Read More »

Big Data Translates Into Big Demand for Tech Tools

With the volume and velocity of data growing staggeringly fast, an increasing number of companies are investing in big data platforms and interfaces—as well as a variety of other data-focused tools—to respond to the subsequent demands on IT, according to a recent survey from Progress. The accompanying report, "Read More »

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