Reducing IT Downtime Due to Power Supply Challenges

Reliability solutions will vary from organization to organization.

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Security Slows and Help Desk Woes: User Complaints are Rising

When remote workers encounter technological difficulties, they would rather suffer in silence than engage already-overwhelmed IT teams, who struggle to help employees with their tech problems.

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Virtual Machine (VM) Data Loss: Prevention and Recovery

Virtual machines and data storage systems generally weren't designed to work well together. Here's how to prevent issues - and what to do if there's a problem.

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Pandemic Changes Work - And the Changes May Be Here to Stay

Surprise! Work from home is working. Productivity and life benefits are up, remote access vendors are winning, and office space is declining.

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Smart Cities, Smarter Cybersecurity?

A study on smart cities, those that apply technology to solve problems in urban communities, warns that ensuring that they are cyber-safe will require resources and shared responsibility. The report, "Building Smarter Cities and Communities: Insights from Citizens and Government," was... Read More »

Leading Firms' Secret Sauce for CX

Companies that use technology to improve customer experience and balance it with investment in human resources distinguish themselves from the pack, says a new report. Such "iconic companies," those businesses that maintain the highest levels of customer experience (CX) and have world-leading brand recognition, display seven distinctions outlined in the Read More »

Risk Is IT's Problem No Matter What

Cyber risks created outside the IT department's realm remain IT's problem, according to a new survey. The results point to the importance of putting identity at the center of an organization's overall IT security strategy. Organizations therefore need to... Read More »

The CIO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Helps Drive the Revitalization of Detroit

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) is a nonprofit mutual insurance company and is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. BCBSM provides and administers health benefits to more than 4.5 million members residing in Michigan in addition to employees of Michigan headquartered companies who reside outside of the state.

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The End of Remote Work?

Companies are suddenly curtailing telecommuting programs. Is this wise or foolish?

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Widespread Employee Snooping Threatens Companies

Employees are snooping for unpermitted information on their company's corporate network, underscoring the need for identity and access management and putting organizations at risk, a new study finds. IT executives with seniority are the worst offenders. Because companies are not adhering to best practices regarding user access control and governance, employees may move through the enterprise... Read More »

Why IT Is Prioritizing Robotic Process Automation

Nearly all CIOs and other IT decision-makers consider robotic process automation (RPA) as a crucial part of their company's IT strategy, according to a survey from Redwood Software. The resulting report, "The 2017 Robotics Pulse Check," indicates that RPA has emerged as a growing priority over the last year, given its potential to save on costs while increasing organizational agility by... Read More »

Why Every Company Needs AI

As if we needed any further validation that the age of artificial intelligence (AI) has arrived: Literally every organization either has AI solutions in place, or plans to invest in the technology over the next two years, according to a recent survey from Cylance. The resulting report, "Artificial Intelligence in the Enterprise: The AI Race is On," reveals that CIOs and other leaders... Read More »

The Mortgage Bankers Association's CIO Runs Strategy and Member Services for Good Measure

Peter Grace is the CIO and SVP of Strategy and Member Services. In this role, he has the traditional CIO responsibilities, but he has leveraged his background as consultant and process expert.

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Robotics Drives Automation

A new study finds that robotics and automation boost business process transformation.

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IT Struggles with Priorities

A thin majority of IT decision-makers can clearly define and execute their IT priorities, according to a new study. The report by CDW, "Power of Priority: What's Next For Enterprise IT?" explores how enterprises prioritize, strategize and execute their IT goals; who is involved in decision-making processes; and the effect planning has on the bottom line. The survey also found that many... Read More »

The CIO Is No Longer the Top Technology Geek

The CIO role in the enterprise is evolving. Embrace the change or perish.

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Welcome to the age of BYOB (Bring Your Own Bot)

Your value is more than your skills and knowledge. It is increasingly about which bots and assistants you use for time efficiency and optimization.

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Lack of Integration Results in Lost Opportunities

The majority of companies are losing out on opportunities to boost revenue due to a lack of IT integration, according to a recent survey from Dell Boomi. The resulting "Connected Business" report states that successful integration initiatives will improve productivity by creating more efficient... Read More »

IT Is Ready to Adopt DevOps but Runs Into Barriers

IT departments are very familiar with the concepts and potential benefits of DevOps, and they are quite capable of taking advantage of DevOps when launching app deployments. However, a number of challenges are holding them back from maximizing the value of this increasingly popular foundation of tech practices, according to a recent Read More »

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