How to Overcome Big Data Barriers

How to Overcome Big Data Barriers

Deciding FactorDeciding Factor

65% of global C-suite level execs and senior decision-makers surveyed said that their organizations will risk becoming irrelevant or uncompetitive if they do not embrace big data.

Budget AllocationBudget Allocation

56% anticipate higher investment in big data over the next three years, and 15% said this increase will be significant.

Developmental Delay, Part IDevelopmental Delay, Part I

45% said the current development cycle for new analytics insights takes too long, and doesn’t match their business requirements.

Developmental Delay, Part IIDevelopmental Delay, Part II

52% said the IT development process causes constraints with respect to arriving at insights more quickly.


47% said their IT systems are not optimized to enable business decision-makers in all departments to effectively do their jobs.

Border CrossingBorder Crossing

64% believe that big data is changing traditional business boundaries and enabling non-traditional providers to move into their industry.

Nimble NewcomersNimble Newcomers

53% said their organizations face increased competition from data enabled start-ups.

Strategic OverhaulStrategic Overhaul

Three-quarters said their company is either restructuring/reorganizing to exploit big data opportunities, or is planning to do so.

Repositioning PlanRepositioning Plan

63% said their organization is either introducing new C-level roles to exploit big data opportunities, or is planning to do so.

Biggest Barriers to Big Data ImplementationBiggest Barriers to Big Data Implementation

Shortage of skilled people: 37%, Time needed to analyze: 32%, High cost of data storage and manipulation: 33%

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
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