Why Data Analytics Projects Miss the Mark

Why Data Analytics Projects Miss the Mark

Why Data Analytics Projects Miss the MarkWhy Data Analytics Projects Miss the Mark

For many organizations, existing data-analytics infrastructures are too complicated, and it’s difficult to find qualified job candidates to helm analytics projects.

Irreplaceable FunctionIrreplaceable Function

90% of survey respondents said data analytics is no less than “very” important to their organization, and 39% indicate that it is “critically” important.

Top Data Analytics GoalsTop Data Analytics Goals

Increasing operational efficiencies: 76%, Informing strategic decision-making: 68%, Spurring growth: 59%, Managing costs: 58%, Responding to competitive pressure: 36%

Major Hurdles, Part IMajor Hurdles, Part I

40% of survey respondents said user adoption of data analytics is much lower than originally planned, and 39% said these initiatives go well over budget.

Major Hurdles, Part IIMajor Hurdles, Part II

36% said data-analytics users will complain about what they receive as a result of these efforts, and 31% said that—while the projects get done—they are never “quite ready” for user involvement.

Rigid StructureRigid Structure

51% said their existing data-analytics infrastructure is too complex and/or too inflexible to “do what we want.”

People ProblemPeople Problem

47% said they are not able to find the right personnel with the right technical expertise for data analytics.

Most Difficult Data/Analytics Skills to FindMost Difficult Data/Analytics Skills to Find

Database tuning: 45%, Data science: 44%, Data engineering: 39%

Inherent ObstacleInherent Obstacle

70% said the existing infrastructure does not allow for them to deliver what business stakeholders want to do with data.

Unresolved IssueUnresolved Issue

71% said it is difficult to troubleshoot problems that they encounter with data-analytics technologies.


53% said their organization either already has a cloud-based solution in production for data analytics or is piloting one—and another 27% either has plans to do this, or are considering it.

Available AvenueAvailable Avenue

92% said that a “pay as you go” approach to data analytics would at least present the potential for them to “try more things” with these projects.

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty is a contributor to CIO Insight. He covers topics such as IT leadership, IT strategy, collaboration, and IT for businesses.

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