Why Machines Will Emerge as Top Collaborators

Why Machines Will Emerge as Top Collaborators

Why Machines Will Emerge as Top CollaboratorsWhy Machines Will Emerge as Top Collaborators

By viewing cognitive systems more as collaborators than threats, IT execs feel better prepared for anticipated skills gaps among both managers and employees.

Wise CounselWise Counsel

87% of surveyed managers say they would trust the advice of intelligent systems in making business decisions in the future.

Fully AccountableFully Accountable

88% say they would accept responsibility for an intelligent system’s actions in the same way as they do with the actions of subordinates/co-workers.

Welcomed ObservationWelcomed Observation

84% say they are comfortable with an intelligent system monitoring and evaluating their work.

Educated ResponseEducated Response

84% say they are fine with an intelligent system observing and learning from their work, and then applying the knowledge in other settings.

Acceptable Trade-OffAcceptable Trade-Off

77% say they’d be willing to give up some degree of privacy to benefit from the productivity and insights of intelligent systems.

Dual FunctionsDual Functions

61% believe that cognitive computing will most impact the way they coordinate and control work and resources, while 26% say it will most affect the ability to solve problems and collaborate.

Trustworthy Qualities, Part ITrustworthy Qualities, Part I

61% say they would trust cognitive computing system advice if they understood how the system works and generates advice, and 57% say they’d trust such a system if it had a proven track record.

Trustworthy Qualities, Part IITrustworthy Qualities, Part II

51% say they would have faith in a cognitive computing system if it provided convincing explanations, while 33% say they would if “people I trust” use the system.


57% express uncertainty as to whether their skills will be sufficient enough to succeed in their role five years from now.

Top Skills Required Five Years from NowTop Skills Required Five Years from Now

Digital/tech skills: 42%, Creative thinking and experimentation: 33%, Data analysis and interpretation: 31%, Strategy development: 30%

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