7 Security Tasks To Automate To Match Cybersecurity Threats

To scale an organization’s security infrastructure to match new cybersecurity threats, many are turning to automation. Learn how business professionals and entrepreneurs are saving time and protecting their assets with these seven cybersecurity automations.

Use WP Engine and Ahrefs

To ensure my site is secure, I rely on tools like WP Engine and Ahrefs. They constantly scan my site and give me notifications on when to update plugins or other items that pose security threats to my site. The constant monitoring of a website is surely a time-intensive process that can be done more efficiently and effectively via automation!

Vanessa Molica, The Lash Professional

Automate time-intensive tasks.

There are a variety of security tasks that can be automated to ensure your workforce is working as efficiently as possible. For example, incident response is often automated and allows your team to triage alarms more effectively and respond to threats quicker. The key is to automate time-intensive tasks so your team can work on deeper, more complex problems instead.

Fran Yardley, Threads


Automate scanning, monitoring, and low-level incident response.

Repetitive cybersecurity tasks that are simple and time-consuming should be automated. Using RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to handle low-cognitive functions such as scanning, monitoring, and low-level incident response should be the first thing you automate in terms of our organization’s security infrastructure as you grow. RSA can also be responsible for extracting and aggregating data, performing basic threat search and detection processes, and other low-cognitive tasks.

Peter Babichenko, SaharaCase


Keep current with software updates.

Being a private security company has opened our eyes up to the world of cybersecurity. We keep people safe at events and in public places, but with cybersecurity threats, we have turned to automating processes to keep our company safe. Consider simple automation that most businesses have already enacted: software updates. In an un-automated system, either the IT staff or employees themselves would be responsible for keeping their computers up to date. Out-of-date computers and programs are more prone to cyberattacks.

Michael Staton, Lyon Shield Security


Purchase data compromise coverage.

Any effort to strengthen security infrastructure to match cybersecurity threats should be matched with a data compromise insurance policy. No matter how strong an organization’s security may be (see: US Government), carrying data breach coverage is another way to protect your business. Data compromise coverage helps protect a business against any associated legal or other costs in the event that personal data of employees or customers is stolen or accidentally released by your company. As an organization scales, its policies should scale with it.

Brandon Berglund, Berglund Insurance


Create a security checklist.

With employees having a paperless reality in workplaces, it’s important to ensure that documents are sent safely and securely. Companies don’t need to worry about things like 256-bit SSL end-to-end encryption and full HIPPA compliance when they select tools with these security standards already built into a product or service. Consider creating a security checklist that allows you to assess how well a vendor aligns with an organization’s security infrastructure to reduce cybersecurity threats.

Eli Patashnik, iFax


Enable content security policies.

Companies can add a layer of security to detect Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and data injection attacks through a Content Security Policy (CSP). With a CSP, websites can automatically detect and mitigate certain types of attacks to protect them from data theft, site defacement, and malware distribution.

Brett Farmiloe, Markitors


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