10 Ways to Better Align With Your CMO

10 Ways to Better Align With Your CMO

An Integrated JourneyAn Integrated Journey

Marketers must think holistically about the customer experience, with systems architecture making it easy to see customer acquisition, service, collaboration and retention points across multiple channels.

Insights Into All Things DataInsights Into All Things Data

Whether big data or little, the CMO and her team are ever-eager for proprietary insights into targets, prospects, etc., with the needed context to take relevant action.

A Personal ApproachA Personal Approach

Marketers seek automation tools to help them customize prospect lead techniques and customer interactions based upon real-time behaviors.

Storytelling CapabilitiesStorytelling Capabilities

Content-driven solutions enable them to fuel engagement by creating experiences that either highlight or elicit customers’ stories, rather than dwelling on the company’s story. These solutions should reveal which types of content best resonate with prospects.

A Social PresenceA Social Presence

Marketers are under pressure to build an authentic and highly responsive presence on social networks, establishing transparency while transforming one-way messaging into dialogues.

Media Strategy ConvergenceMedia Strategy Convergence

Given that the lines dividing paid, earned and owned media are blurring, teams have to evaluate media options and combinations for most effective cost, reach and usefulness.

Internal ConvergenceInternal Convergence

In the modern age, siloed groups within marketing and the entire organization will only thwart efforts to build an integrated, cohesive customer-interaction ecosystem.

Loyalty CredLoyalty Cred

Any tools which enhance the customer experience, such as automated payments and loyalty points, will go far in ensuring long-term, residual sales.

Agile ResponsivenessAgile Responsiveness

Shorter development cycles, rapidly proliferating platforms and behavior-based communications all command a more agile marketer. Solutions which pave the way for quick testing and responsiveness in a highly flexible manner will address this.

Self-Serve ImprovementSelf-Serve Improvement

Through portals and other online resources, CIOs can help marketers gain access to professionals, events and discussions which speak directly to their career development and management needs.

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