Nine Best Practices for DevOps Teams

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 09-30-2014 Email

It is a phrase that neatly combines the words "development" and "operations." And it holds much promise to overhaul the way IT teams produce software. In this case, we're referring to "DevOps," a concept which focuses on product features, tests and delivery in the interest of rapid turnaround time with greater quality and reliability. The new e-book from Rackspace, "The DevOps Mindset: Real-World Insights from Tech Leaders," reveals a wide range of associated challenges, and CIOs should realize that overcoming them requires more than a standard "tech" response. "The speed-to-market benefits of DevOps are becoming widely known, and more companies are interested in adopting such a system as part of their own infrastructure—if they haven't done so already," according to the book. "You might think some new piece of hardware or software is what you need. Yet the agility that companies seek isn't a tangible product." To address this, we're providing the following list of nine best practices, as adapted from the book. They were compiled from interviews with accomplished IT industry professionals such as Jim Kimball of HedgeServ, James Kenigsberg of 2U, Jeff Hackert of Chef/Riot Games, and Bharat Krish of HBO Latin America. For more about the book, click here

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.


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