15 Groundbreaking Management Books

A list of the most provocative, engaging business books of all-time, and what they should mean for business and IT managers.   

Business changes at break-neck pace. Technology matures at the blink of an eye. For managers today, keeping up with innovations and evolutions in these areas requires a sharp focus, an open mind--and maybe a pair of glasses. 

In our continuing effort to bring readers the best books in IT and management, we dug into our bookshelves to find the most provocative, ground-breaking books ever written on business.

What follows is our list. Click on each title to read more about each book and why they made the list. Or, just click beneath each story to go to the next selection in the list. With most of these books, you'll find links to excerpts, interviews and reviews found in the pages of CIO Insight.

This article was originally published on 03-24-2008
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