Cloud Migration Report: Security, Monitoring Tools are Essential

A report from migration specialist SANpulse highlights the key areas enterprises need to consider when migrating to a private cloud environment, including security, monitoring, and performance degradation.

There are key pitfalls to keep in mind when moving from traditional IT to private cloud infrastructure, according to the report "Migrating to the Private Cloud: Evolution of Infrastructure into a Service Model." The report, from virtual and cloud-based environment migration specialist SANpulse, is available for free download via the company's Website.

For large enterprises, security is the most important aspect of information management, according to the report, which warns that proprietary and sensitive data, if exposed, could have dire consequences to the business.

The report also underlines the importance of understanding the existing IT environment: Enterprises must leverage solutions that can discover the infrastructure in a nonintrusive manner and provide the configuration and interdependency information vital to understanding what business units are utilizing today. The migration will require coordination among operational teams from the server, network, storage, database and application owners.

As the existing infrastructure is dynamic and in constant flux, it is important to find a solution that can monitor the changes and drive process encapsulation into automation during cloud migrations, according to the report.

Consideration of multitenancy effects on shared resources is also discussed. The report notes that, when building a cloud infrastructure, companies should ensure it does not cause further performance degradation and provides alerts based on preset policies. As companies migrate to a private cloud environment, they should ensure that only essential data is optimized and moved while cleaning up the infrastructure in the process.

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This article was originally published on 05-20-2011
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