On Haile

On Haile

Born: July 17, 1941

Resume: 34 years at IBM before joining Fidelity in 1998

Mentor: Ex-IBMer and former Exodus Communications CEO Ellen Hancock. "Not only amazingly technically deep, but she created a loyalty in her team that was unparalleled," he says.

What stands out in his office: His photo with Pope John Paul II and his "shrine" to Penn State University

Why he does what he does: He read a Time magazine profile of IBM during his senior year in high school. "In 1959, there was no technology," he says.

What you notice about him first: His take-no-prisoners wit

On colleagues whose dot-com dreams went kaput: "We are, on occasion, offering harbor. Our wayward children are coming home," he says.

This article was originally published on 09-01-2001
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