On Bratton

On Bratton

Born: Oct. 6, 1947 in Boston, the son of a longshoreman.

Motivation: To boost accountability of systems and personnel through technology and follow-up management.

Favorite Personal Technology: Palm Pilot and cell phone

Management Style: Motivate, then delegate. "Pick good people, and then get out of their way."

Career highlights: U.S. Army-Vietnam 1967-68; joined the Boston police department 1970; Supt., Boston Police Dept. 1980; Chief of Boston Transit Authority Police 1990-92; Chief of New York Transit Police 1992; Commissioner, Boston Police Dept. 1993; Commissioner, NYPD 1994-96; Senior Consultant, Kroll Associates 2000-present; visiting fellow, Harvard University's JFK School of Government.

This article was originally published on 06-01-2001
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