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Procter and Gamble CIO Shares Outlook for 2011

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 09-04-2010 Print
The CIO should be a change agent, transforming the way business gets done, says Procter & Gamble CIO Filippo Passerini.

The Great Recession has been jolting companies around the world. Budgets are reduced, employees have experienced layoffs, and the average person still goes to work each day not knowing whether or not their job will still be waiting for them. The past few years have been particularly tough for CIOs. Like so many other top-level executives, you've been forced to cut those budgets and layoff those people. And all the while, your CEO has been expecting at least the same level, if not even more, productivity from your staff.

In order to be successful, CIOs have had to change their strategies, and this will become even more important in 2011. With less money to go around, every element of an operation is expected to turn a profit and add value to the company.


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