Global Transformation Readiness, Part 3

This four-part series by Deloitte Consulting experts Peter Elings and Douglas Oliver provides action items you need for a successful global transformation. The series includes a preparedness checklist (Part 1), guidelines on creating a governance model (Part 2), advice on standardizing data reporting and infrastructure (Part 3), and how to evaluate your organization's capacity and capability to achieve its global vision (part 4).

Data and Reporting Standardization

Even with a sound business model and governance framework in place, the organization will be disadvantaged without the appropriate level of data standardization to make informed decisions.  The nuances and level of data standardization required for an organization's optimal future state varies. Data and reporting standardization requirements are partly dependent upon the organization's operating environment. Common metrics require common data definitions. Chemical companies, for example, drive a high level of standardization in reporting because they leverage common materials, processes, and customers globally. To help determine the optimal future target for data and reporting transformation, consider the following readiness checklist:

This article was originally published on 09-28-2010
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