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McAfee: Apple, Google TV, Foursquare to be Malware Targets in 2011

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 12-28-2010 Print
McAfee Labs researchers predict that Apple products, Google TV and social media servies like Foursquare and Gowalla will be the next front in the war on cyber-crime.

Researchers at McAfee Labs predicted on Dec. 28 that cyber-criminals will target the latest and talked about online platforms, including Google TV, Apple's iPhone, and foursquare, in 2011.

Noting that the threats landscape has "changed considerably" in 2010, McAfee Labs' 2011 Threat Predictions report said criminals will exploit geo-location services, social networking tools, mobile devices and other online platforms in 2011. The "marked" increase in malware sophistication is also expected to continue, according to the report.

The report painted a particularly bleak picture for Apple, which had long flown under the malware radar. Cyber-criminals had ignored the smaller Mac market in favor of the larger Windows user base, but security experts had predicted it was just a matter of time.

"Mac users must remember that less targeted is not the same as invulnerable," said Richard Wang, manager of SophosLabs.

Mac-targeted malware will "continue to increase in sophistication" in 2011, according to McAfee Labs, as criminals take aim at Mac OS X, iPads and iPhones. The popularity of these products, especially in the business environment, combined with the "lack of user understanding" about securing them, will make "Apple botnets and Trojans" a "common occurrence" rather than a "rare encounter," predicted the researchers.


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