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iPad 2 May Be a Tough Sell For the Enterprise

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 03-07-2011 Print
While the addition of a dual-core processor and cameras will sweeten the pot for would-be iPad 2 buyers, it may be a tougher sell when it comes to business customers.

Within minutes of Apple unveiling the iPad 2, media outlets immediately began debating the next-generation tablet's ability to hold off the rising tide of Android-based competitors.

The general agreement seems to be that the iPad 2, equipped with a dual-core processor and hardware upgrades such as cameras, matches the capabilities of its highest-end rival, the Motorola Xoom. When it finally hits shelves at Apple stores and retail partners March 11, hordes of consumers will likely turn out to purchase one.

But for businesses considering whether to incorporate an iPad into their lineup, the next version of Apple's popular tablet doesn't include anything extra to sway their decision-making.

"Importantly, there were no real nods to business users in manageability or security," analyst Jack Gold wrote in a March 3 research note forwarded to media. "This is a challenge on the current iPad and isn't improved on this version (or iOS 4.3), despite Apple's drive to get large scale adoption of iPads into businesses."

For many enterprise workers, Gold added, the iPad 2 "will be attractive with its increased processing power, on-board cameras (although not all businesses see this as an advantage), and great battery life." For IT administrators, though, "there is a real and substantial cost to companies for deploying and maintaining these devices that users don't usually see or appreciate."


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