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Apple iPad, Dell Streak, HP Slate Help Tablets Take Hold in Enterprise

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 12-16-2010 Print
Tablets from HP and Dell, along with Apple's ubiquitous iPad, are helping make tablet use mainstream in the eneterprise, a new ChangeWave Research survey finds.

Corporate purchasing of the Apple iPad and other tablet PCs will rise in 2011, according to new survey data by ChangeWave Research.

Based on responses from 1,641 business IT buyers, ChangeWave suggests that some 7 percent of corporations now provide their employees with tablet PCs, a 1 percent increase from August. Apple's iPad constitutes 82 percent of that business market, followed by Hewlett-Packard with 11 percent and Dell with 7 percent.

Hewlett-Packard currently offers the 8.9-inch Slate 500, which runs Windows. In November, responding to a note on HP's Website that the Slate was on backorder due to "extraordinary demand," tech blog Engadget quoted a Â""trusted tipster with a contact inside HP" as saying the company had originally planned a run of only 5,000 units. In 2011, HP is widely expected to release tablets running its recently acquired Palm webOS.

Dell offers the 5-inch Streak, now running Android 2.2, but reportedly plans to introduce tablets with larger screens in coming quarters.

Among the iPad's corporate users, around 69 percent reported being "Very Satisfied" with the experience, with another 28 percent "Somewhat Satisfied." Contrast that with HP users, 23 percent of whom reported being "Very Satisfied" and 46 percent "Somewhat Satisfied," and Dell users, at 12 percent "Very Satisfied" and 62 percent "Somewhat Satisfied."


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