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Top SEO Priorities in 2011: Bing, Facebook Partnership

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 12-13-2010 Print
Searchmetrics also predicts that in 2011 marketers will be using the term "social media optimization."

As a year dominated by social media comes to a close, Searchmetrics, provider of search analytics software, reveals its insights and predictions for the search engine optimization (SEO) landscape in 2011. Looking back at the evolution of Web usage and trends in 2010, Searchmetrics noted the game-changers to look out for, while providing an opinion on some of the challenges the industry will face in 2011.

Since SEO is now being affected by social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, Searchmetrics predicted data is going to have to include concise social media metrics. Additionally, the application used to collect this data will have to evolve. The report noted that currently agencies and businesses are using anywhere from five to 10 different monitoring tools and many continue to use Excel to compile different data and different sources.

"This is too complex of a process for a marketing professional and can cost an agency approximately 40 percent of their monthly budget," the report said. "2011 will bring an onset of tools to streamline this process, providing the information that is needed to monitor and analyze items such as keywords and domains at a fraction of the time and cost it currently is."


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