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Study: Mainframes Critical to Data Center, Cloud Strategy

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 11-18-2010 Print
A study from CA Technologies finds that mainframes are still alive and well in the data center and will be an important part of companies' cloud strategies.

Even with organizations shifting business-critical applications to the cloud, mainframes remain as relevant as ever, but organizations are struggling to find skilled IT workers familiar with the technology, according to a survey by CA Technologies. CA presented the study results during a panel discussion that was Webcast on Nov. 17.

Years after the mainframe was declared dead, it continues to play a critical role in the data center. According to the report, 80 percent of surveyed organizations said that mainframes were an important part of their current business strategy, and 73 percent said it is, or will be a significant component in their cloud strategy.

The results are consistent with an earlier mainframe study surveying European organizations, released by CA in October. The results of the new CA survey were "not a surprise", and the numbers are "very close" to the European results, said panel participant Dayton Semerjian, general manager of the mainframe business unit at CA Technologies. About 79 percent of respondents in the European study said the mainframe remains critical to their business and 75 percent claimed the systems will play some role in their cloud strategy, said Semerjian.

In this latest survey, more than three-quarters of the respondents said they will maintain or increase their investment in mainframe software and mainframe staff. "It's clear that the mainframe is here to stay," said Semerjian.


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