Cloud Adoption Lags in Health Care IT

Health care organizations hesitate to embrace the cloud primarily due to concerns about data security, privacy and cloud management, according to a survey by CDW.

The health care industry overall has been slow to adopt a comprehensive cloud computing strategy, according to the new Cloud Computing Tracking Poll by IT services provider CDW. However, some health care organizations have taken small steps toward using cloud-based applications.

For this survey, CDW interviewed 1,200 IT professionals in the health care, government and education markets. The goal of the study was to see to what extent companies are implementing cloud computing and what their challenges are.

Of companies surveyed, 53 percent said their management doesn't trust data security in the cloud.

Although 84 percent of respondents are using various individual cloud applications, only 30 percent identify themselves as cloud users. In addition, only 28 percent of respondents anticipate spending more than one-quarter of their IT budget by 2016.

In fact, the CDW report predicts that at best only 42 percent of respondents' IT services and applications will eventually work in the cloud. CDW announced the results of its poll on May 26.

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This article was originally published on 05-27-2011
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