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Cloud Cruiser Simplifies Chargebacks by Tracking Service Use

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 03-02-2011 Print
To help IT departments keep track of who's using what -- and how much they're spending so that they can charge them back correctly -- Cloud Cruiser is launching a hosted service.

The "pay for what you use" model may spur cloud adoption among organizations, but IT departments still have to figure out how to charge individual departments for what they use.

Cloud Cruiser announced a platform on Mar. 1 that collects machine usage data about what storage, networking and cloud applications are being accessed, Dave Zabrowski, CEO and founder of Cloud Cruiser told eWEEK. The information is correlated with user information obtained from LDAP and other user management systems, he said.

"There's serious money moving to the cloud" and companies need to be sure about how it's being spent, Zabrowski said.

The Cloud Cruiser software would be available as either a hosted service or as an on-premise product that IT manages internally, Zabrowski said. The company will be announcing a free "test drive" as a software-as-a-service on Mar. 8 and a beta version of the on-premise software is expected June 1. Cloud Cruiser is targeting Aug. 29 for the official release of the software. Anyone interested in the trial can channel their organization's real usage data through Cloud Cruiser to get a feel for how it works, Zabrowski said. However, Zabrowski declined to discuss pricing information at this time.


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