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Top Priority for 2011: Data Center Refresh, Consolidation

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 01-25-2011 Print
Technology refreshes are the top data center priority for this year, according to a SANpulse survey.

Fifty-one percent of data center managers and decision makers at large organizations see technology refreshes as the top data center priority for 2011, according to a survey from IT infrastructure specialist SANpulse. This finding highlights the fact that mean time to migrate (MTTM) is critical for rapid adoption of new technologies and fast execution of these operations.

Next in importance is data center consolidation, which 41.5 percent of respondents indicated is a top concern. Thirty-four percent of respondents indicated the intent to migrate to a public or private cloud, while 32.7 percent expected to transition to a virtualized storage area network (SAN) and 26.5 percent said that SAN optimization or retiering is a priority. Twenty-one percent cited diversification of storage hardware as a top priority.

The survey also asked participants to rank which projects on their 2011 IT road map are expected to be the most challenging and difficult to deal with. Thirty-nine percent responded that multidepartmental coordination is a top concern. Thirty-five percent said server remediation, SAN configuration errors, asset discovery and multidepartmental coordination are all challenging issues.

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