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EMR for Apple iPad

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 09-30-2010 Print
Electronic Medical Records (EMR) vendor ClearPractice has introduced its Nimble EMR Software-as-a-Service application to allow doctors to manage their workflow on the iPad.
Electronic Medical Records software producer ClearPractice has developed a Software-as-a-Service application for the Apple iPad to help doctors manage their workflow, from scheduling to prescribing to billing.

ClearPractice says its Nimble EMR cloud product is the first comprehensive EMR application designed to run in iOS natively on the iPad. The company says it worked with Apple to design the user interface.

In designing Nimble, ClearPractice claims to tackle the slow implementation of EMR software, which the company contends costs practitioners time and money and disrupts their workflow. With Nimble, ClearPractice is targeting medical practices of 10 or fewer physicians, as well as hospitals aiming to connect their ambulance docks to their care systems.

The first 500 physicians that subscribe to ClearPractice's EMR and PM solution get a free iPad and copy of Nimble free. ClearPractice EMR users will have free access to Nimble, while new customers can choose among the $99 Prescribing, $399 Clinical and $499 Practice editions.

For more, read the eWeek article ClearPractice Launches Electronic Medial Records App on iPad.


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