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One Quarter of Tablet Sales in 2011 Will Be to Enterprises: Deloitte

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 01-24-2011 Print
The consulting firm claims businesses will buy 25 percent of the tablets sold this year, even though the technology is not yet mature.

More than 25 percent of all tablet computers will be purchased by enterprises, an incredible figure for a market that only established credibility with Apple's successful launch of its iPad last April.

Deloitte, a consultancy that released its annual predictions Jan. 18, also predicts that one-quarter figure could well rise in 2012 and beyond as corporations begin to realize the tablet dwarfs the laptop in portable PC capability.

"Although some commentators view tablets as underpowered media-consumption toys suitable only for consumers, more than ten million of the devices will likely be purchased by enterprises in 2011," according to the Deloitte report.

For perspective, IDC said the computing industry will ship nearly 45 million tablets in 2011. Deloitte offered four reasons for the corporate tablet surge this year.

First is the consumerization of IT. Knowledge workers buy tablets for their personal use, and then realize the gadgets work well for their daily work tasks. On a Web-connected tablet, the corporate worker can easily transition from playing music, watching movies or playing games to checking enterprise e-mail and applications.

Second, some retail, manufacturing and health care industries are testing tablet use for their employees. Deloitte thinks 5 million tablets could be deployed in retail and health care alone this year.

For more, read the eWeek article: Enterprises to Buy 25% of Tablets in 2011: Deloitte .


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