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Future of Broadband, Spectrum Crunch Keynote Topics at CTIA

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 03-23-2011 Print
The second day of keynotes at the CTIA conference in Orlando focused on the growth of broadband and the squeeze in the spectrum the nation's wireless providers are facing.

ORLANDO, Fla.--CTIA's second day of keynotes focused on both broadband's spectacular growth, and the equally significant squeeze in spectrum facing the nation's wireless providers.

"It's possible to just be walking down the street, even on Park Avenue in New York City, and lose your connectivity," LightSquared CEO Sanjiv Ahuja told the audience gathered here for his opening keynote. "In the end of 2009, global data demand exceeded mobile voice usage. This trend shows absolutely no sign of reversing itself."

CTIA's first day keynote speakers, including FCC chairman Julius Genachowski and Sprint CEO Dan Hesse, spoke to a similar theme. Indeed, the show-runners seem heroically determined to position the unleashing of more spectrum as a national priority, one that will help jumpstart a newfound era of American productivity.

"Current spectrum in the United Sates is severely limited," Ahuja said. "The perfect storm of booming demand, an onslaught of new data services ... has left this industry at an absolutely critical tipping point."

While this translates into some dropped calls and similar inconveniences now, he added, it could eventually result in a "slower-moving information highway that could become a very serious traffic jam."

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