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Google Chrome OS Netbook Debuts

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 12-06-2010 Print
Google will unveil a Chrome OS netbook Dec. 7. Key questions include: when can the public get them, and will the iPad and Android machines allow them to prosper?

Google is hosting an event Dec. 7 where it will likely demonstrate a netbook based on its long-awaited Chrome operating system. Chrome OS is Google's support platform for its increasingly popular Chrome Web browser, which accounts for 9.27 percent of browser use, according to Net Applications.

Google intends the platform to run on netbooks and other machines with keyboards, booting up in seconds as an alternative to computers based on Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS and Linux.

Google late Dec. 3 e-mailed to CIO Insight sister publication eWEEK a media invitation to a Chrome-related event, stating simply: "On Dec. 7, we will host an event in San Francisco where we plan to share some exciting news about Chrome."

Google has clearly been testing Chrome OS netbooks in house, which is what company engineers are expected to show off at an event in San Francisco Tuesday. Expect a mass consumer launch of Chrome OS netbooks in 2011.

For more, read the eWeek article Google Chrome OS Netbook Set for Dec. 7 Unveiling.


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