Protect Microsoft Exchange Data With Google Message Continuity

For a per-user fee, Google Message Continuity preserves the integrity of e-mail, calendar and contact data of Microsoft Exchange 2003 and 2007 in the event of an outage.

Google's Postini group Dec. 9 rolled out Message Continuity, the latest in a string of software solutions to help Microsoft's on-premise e-mail users to get more comfortable with the Google Apps cloud.

Google Message Continuity preserves the state of corporate e-mail created in Microsoft Exchange, the e-mail server software used by most businesses today.

The application duplicates e-mail accounts living on Microsoft Exchange servers in the cloud, using Google's Gmail, Calendar and contacts from Google Apps. Message Continuity constantly syncs Gmail and Exchange, allowing users to switch from one e-mail environment to the other.

The idea, said Adam Swidler, product marketing manager for Google's Postini group, is that if Exchange fails or needs to be taken down for maintenance, users can log into Gmail with the same user ID they use to log into Exchange to access e-mail, calendar and contact data.

This article was originally published on 12-09-2010
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